“It’s tiring”: accused of neglecting her dog, Nabilla makes a point

Between Pita and the Vergara-Benattia clan, it’s a great love story. But according to some Internet users, Nabilla tends to neglect seeing her little dog neglected. Charges that the influencer no longer wants to pass up. On her Snapchat account, the mother of the family did not hesitate to crop a few subscribers by proving how much she is attached to this ball of fur.

Nabilla has an unconditional love for the canine race. Despite rumors that the former reality TV contestant inadvertently provoked the death of my little chihuahua, Hawaii, by accidentally sitting on the poor animal, Thomas Vergara’s companion is known to take great care of her little companions. And especially for his dog Pitawhich she received as a consolation prize after her pooch Tito disappeared in 2015. A lovely gift to which she holds as the apple of her eye. Testifies to this this story which could have been expensive for the former bff of Ayem Nour.

Before moving into his sumptuous villa in Dubai, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara had rented a luxurious apartment while waiting for the end of the work. What she didn’t know was that the owners categorically refused animals of company. Forced to place her little dog in a center for domestic animals, the mother of Milann and Leyann defied all prohibitions to get his little dog back. An offense that earned him a legal battle to try to change the rules of the contract: “Well, she came back a bit illegally because I’m in trouble with the people who rented the apartment to us.” she explained on social networks before specifying that she had started lawsuits and sue:Clearly, I filed a small lawsuit against this rule and we’ll see what happens“Since then, the little family has been able to move into their new apartments, to the delight of Pita, who no longer needs to show her credentials.

Nabilla’s rant

The smallest facts and gestures of Nabilla are scrutinized and commented on the Web. And in particular animal rights defenders who accuse the starlet of neglect his female dog. Faced with yet another derogatory comment regarding the questionable treatment of her doggie, the darling of Thomas Vergara took out her fangs. Exasperated, she replied once and for all to ugly rumors on Snapchat this Sunday, August 6, 2023. While one of her subscribers was worried about not seeing Pita anymore and wondered about the fate reserved for her, the pretty brunette did not mince her words: “You have to stop with these kinds of questions. It’s tiring. We’re not going to throw it away, we’re not going to sell it. We love him more than anything. The kids love it. So really stop, please” she hammered before turning the camera to her adorable little dog, star of the networks, giving him a nice caress: “Hey girl, people are crazy“. Something to permanently silence the gossips!

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