It’s today! FAME MMA 12 Gala in Tricity. Where and when to watch? [STREAM]

The FAME MMA Federation has been organizing gala events since June 2018 and they have been very popular from the very beginning. The organizers regularly boast about the great results of the PPV sold, and with each subsequent edition, new stars report their willingness. For example, the 12th edition of the gala will feature the strongman Krzysztof Radzikowski, rapper Kornel “Koro” Regel and youtuber Mateusz “Fit Lovers” Janusz.

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FAME MMA 12. “Don Kasjo” will have two fights, Marcin Wrzosek with an ultimatum

Cassius “Don Kasjo” Życiński is one of the most colorful characters in the FAME MMA federation. The 29-year-old compared Marcin Wrzosek to Marcin Najman during the Face2Face program. “The same name … Marcin Najman, Marcin Wrzosek. They don’t like Marcin in Częstochowa and they don’t like him in Bydgoszcz,” he said. The competitor from Iława will fight two duels during the gala, and his other rival will be Michał “Boxdel” Baron, co-owner of the federation. The idea was accepted by the organization’s authorities during the program.

In turn, the result of the fight of the evening may significantly affect the career of Marcin Wrzosek, until now associated with the KSW federation. Martin Lewandowski, one of the co-owners admitted in an interview with that the defeat of “Don Kasjo” will end his career in KSW for Wrzosek. “I think that Marcin’s win would be a return ticket to our organization. A win or a long break, or a complete break with our organization” – he said.

FAME MMA 12. Fight card

  • Cassius “Don Kasjo” Życiński – Marcin Wrzosek – fight of the evening,
  • Adrian “Polak” Polański – Maksymilian “Wiewiór” Squirrel – fight for the belt,
  • Krzysztof Radzikowski – Piotr “Beast” Piechowiak,
  • Mateusz “Fit Lovers” Janusz – Kacper “Blonsky” Błoński,
  • Kamila “Zusje” Smogulecka – Marta “Martirenti” Rentel,
  • Jacek Murański – Arkadiusz Tańula,
  • Kamila “Kamiszka” Wybrańczyk – Anna Andrzejewska,
  • Krystian “Krycha” Wilczak – Maciej “Szewcu” Szewczyk,
  • Patryk “Ryba” Karaś – Kornel “Koro” Regel,
  • Adrian Wieliczko – Jakub “Dragon” Kaczmarski.

Where and when to watch the FAME MMA 12 gala?

The FAME MMA 12 Gala will start on Saturday, November 20 at 20:00. The broadcast will be available for viewing only in the PPV system. The basic package on the website costs PLN 25.99.

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