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After the mid-August appetizer, the big events begin. Immediately Larissa Iapichino in the long, the prodigy Fantini in the women’s hammer. In the evening the standard bearers Tamberi and Jacobs, attentive to Crippa

With the second day of competition, the European Athletics Championships (until 21 August) of Munich come to life after the mid-August appetizer. Monday, on the first day of competitions, at good performance of Giovanna Epis in the women’s marathon (fifth in 2’29 ”06 after a leading race in the 42 kilometers won by the Polish Lisoska), the modest one of the men is opposed. In the race dominated by the German Tinger in 2h10’21 “, the best of ours, the veteran Daniele Meucci, finished 13 in 2h14’42”. On Tuesday 25 Azzurri will take to the track, many of them with great ambitions. We point out five (three men and two women) to be observed with great attention.

Where to see the European Athletics Championships on TV

All the matches are broadcast by Rai: the morning sessions are on Raisport and, in streaming, on Raiplay, while in the evening the sports thematic channel will alternate with the other events of the European Championship; the prime-time sessions will, on the other hand, be on Raidue.

The Italian medals

The first medal of Italian athletics at the multidisciplinary European Championships in Munich was won by Matteo Giupponi, bronze in the 35 km walk.

Larissa Iapichino, long jump (qualification at 9.50 am)

After the tumultuous change of coach (from Cecconi who had brought her to the top of the world category to her father Gianni), the Florentine long-distance player never returned to jump as she knows how. She qualifies with 6 and 75 meters (Larissa has a record of 6 and 91 but this year she stops at 6 and 64) or by entering the top 12 if no one reaches that measure. For Larissa a fundamental step towards maturity.

Sara Fantini, hammer throw (12:15 pm)

The 24-year-old from Parma makes her debut in qualification and has given new life to the women’s throwing sector after years of dullness. In 2022 Sara improved the Italian record of the hammer throw after 17 years four times in three races up to 75.77 and was above all fourth at the Eugene World Championships. She enters the final with 72 meters and 50 lei or by placing in the top twelve: Sara (who has the best size of the lot) will try to understand if she can aim for gold.

Gianmarco Tamberi, high jump (6:35 pm)

a qualification that is worth a lot that of the Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Gianmarco Tamberi. Both for the quota to be overcome (2 and 28 or, alternatively, a jump among the best twelve) and because after a very tormented season from a technical and psychological point of view, the Marches need confirmation. Able to give the best of himself on big occasions (fourth in Eugene, at the World Cup), he has to compare himself.

Marcell Jacobs, 100 meters (8:19 pm and 10:15 pm)

the man of the World Cup. After an amazing half-season indoors and a tormented one outdoors and after Eugene’s forfeit at the World Championships, Marcell seems to be back, if not for the gold in Tokyo, a sprinter of the highest level. At 20:19, in the third semifinal, he will start in lane 4. Beside him the French Zeze who in 2022 raced in 9 ”99 against the 10” 04 of the Brescia player. The first two of each of the semifinals pass to the final plus the two best times.

Yeman Crippa, 5000 meters (9:08 pm)

The talented Trentino of Ethiopian origins begins his efforts (even to do 10 thousand meters) with the shortest and difficult for him test. In the direct final of the 5000 there is not only the monstrous Norwegian Jakob Ingebrigtsen (12’48 “on staff) but also the Spaniard Katir (capable of 12’50”) and the German Mohumed. Watch out for Crippa’s personal best (13’02 ”) the third among those of the starters and his seasonal record the fourth.

Tuesday 16th August


8.30 March 35 km F Final

1. Ntrisimpioti (Gre)
2. Gonzalez (Spa)
3. Madarasz (Ung)
4. Curiazzi

6. Barcella

8.30 March 35 km M Final
1. Lopez (Spa)
2. Linke (Ger)
3. Giupponi

9.05 110 hs M Decathlon Dester

9.35 110 hs M Batteries Fofana, Simonelli

9.50 Long F Qualification Iapichino

9.50 Disc M Decathlon (a) Dester

10.15 1500 F Batteries Horses, Del Buono, Sabbatini

10.55 Disc M Decathlon (b) Ev. Dester

11.30 Auction M Decathlon (a) Dester

11.40 3000 hedges M Batteries

Osama Zoghlami 8’30 ”67 qualified in the final
Abdelwahed 8’30 ”92 qualified in the final
Wing Zoghlami 8’32 ”82 qualified in the final

12.15 Hammer F Qualification (a) Jockeys

12.25 400 M Semi-finals Ev. Benati, Re, Scotti

12.30 Auction M Decathlon (b) Ev. Dester

13.00 400 F Semi-finals Ev. Mangione, Polinari, Trojans

13.30 Hammer F Qualification (b) Ev. Jockeys

18.35 Alto M Qualification Falocchi, Fassinotti, Tamberi

18.40 Javelin M Decathlon (a) Dester

19.40 Javelin M Decathlon (b) Ev. Dester
20.05 100 M Semi-finals Ali, Jacobs
20.27 Long M Final
20.35 100 F Semi-finals Dosso, Siragusa

21.02 Disc F Final Ev. Osakue, Strumillo

21.08 5000 M Final Crippa, shore

21.35 1500 M Decathlon Dester

22.15 100 M Final Ev. Ali, Jacobs

22.25 100 F Final Ev. Dosso, Siragusa

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