It’s very tender! Eva Longoria shows off to his son and leaves impacted their fans


Eva Longoria shared some exclusive pictures that show his small son enjoying the sunny days in their first steps.

The actress do not leave to take advantage of every opportunity to share with her fans to enjoy her motherhood and the growth of Santiago, who was born nearly a year and a half.

Remember that the interpreter of “desperate housewives” she is married to Pepe Bastón, who shares the parenting of his firstborn, and the endless days of quarantine.

In the last days, Eva are encouraged to delight their followers with a video of Santiago Enrique disguised as Spider-man in the garden of his home in California.

The producer it is native to Texas and can’t deprive yourself of the open air several hours a day, and nothing better to do it the hand of his favorite superhero.

In seconds, the clips and photos of Santi and Longoria received thousands of comments and “likes” with love and greetings to both of you.

Without a doubt, the producer never ceases to amaze and encourage its admirers with the way we have fun documenting the voyages of his mini spider-man.

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