It’s very well hidden under makeup

  • Kim Kardashian opened up about her two skin problems that are ruining her life
  • Indeed, the star suffers from acne
  • But also psoriasis

She is known for her body shape, her empire but also for her influence. Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous influencers on the planet. But recently, the mother made a big decision: she stopped having cosmetic surgery.. I probably care more than 90% of the people on this planet. It’s not easy when you’re a mom and you’re exhausted at the end of the day or you’re at college, and I’m all of those things. I usually do my beauty treatments late in the evening. Once everyone is in bed, I do laser treatments. » He still has some major hang-ups: “I hate my hands – they are wrinkled and ugly,” she explains. “But I’ve lived my life and changed so many diapers with these hands, I’ve cuddled my babies with these hands, so I’m at peace with them. (Growing old) doesn’t mean that I won’t strive for perfection, but we get to a point where we say to ourselves: my health is more important than everything else. »

Kim Kardashian reveals she suffers from acne

Like all women, Kim K has complexes. Especially since the influencer suffers from two skin problems which are ruining her life. At 42, the star revealed to the American media Refinery 29 Wednesday October 4, that she suffered from adult acne, but also from psoriasis. Confusing confidences for the one who presents perfect skin on social networks. “Oh, I had a lot of acne, big breaks”she confides to the magazine. “It’s very good (hidden) under the makeup (…) I think if people saw it, they would be really shocked to know that I had this experience. »

“It could be hormonal or due to a change in supplements”

Faced with this problem, Kim Kardashian admits to having tried everything to stem it. “I was wondering: should I stop using oils if I have acne? Then I realized that no, stopping using oil was not helpful”she explains. “It could be hormonal or due to a change in supplements. Every time I change the way I eat or try different foods, my skin becomes more sensitive. »

His psoriasis is ruining his life

In addition to this very disturbing acne, Kim K suffers from psoriasis, a skin disease. This causes heavy red patches. She reveals, in a humorous tone, that her mother transmitted this disease to her. “I would like to thank my mother for this problem; I’m the only one of his children to have had it.” she says. And as for acne, Kim Kardashian reveals that she did everything to fight this disease. “I’m still very confused about my psoriasis and what triggers it”she explains. “Sometimes I’m completely stressed and I don’t have psoriasis at all. Sometimes, I am completely zen, without any worries, and my psoriasis resurfaces. I’m told it should be the opposite. I kind of gave up trying to understand. »

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