IVAJ receives the European seal of quality of youth information

Institut Valencia de la Joventut (IVAJ) has received European Seal of Quality for Youth InformationAwarded by the European Youth Information and Advice Agency (ERYICA) and which recognizes organizations and institutions that have the specialty of providing “true and unbiased” information in this area.

This was explained by Jesus Marti, General Director of IVAJ, who highlighted the importance of IVAJ. Identifying the quality of your information “In the midst of a post-truth era, when modern propaganda and conspiracy theories are fueled by misinformation, populism, fake news, hate speech and alternative facts.”

Currently, the Valencian Youth Information Network has approx. 250 Information Center which depends on town halls and associations and by a network 1,614 young reporters who are young Who voluntarily cooperate with youth information services of a municipality, identify information needs and demands and bring information closer to each other.


The seal is designed and implemented for and with young people and is linked to a set of quality assessment criteria, mechanisms and tools that guarantee public institutions or organizations that have this accreditation They are providing reliable information that does not require subsequent confirmation by the person receiving it.,

This recognition not only declares quality of VATJ information, but also allows it to grant the seal to entities of the Valencian Youth Information Network, as long as they have signed the Valencian Youth Information Charter.

Importance of reliable information

,Identifying reliable, complete and unbiased information can be a real challenge.And for this reason, the mechanisms that work to help citizens, and youth in particular, are essential in identifying sources that are reliable and important for the vast amount of information they have access to”, he added. Said.

In this sense, he underlined the importance that Europe recognized the “great commitment” that the IVAJ has made”.youth information qualitySo that it is free, accessible, inclusive, based on the needs of the population to which it is addressed, empowered, participative, ethical, professional and proactive”.

The aim going forward from IVAJ, it stated, is to provide young people with information that helps them make decisions in their lives, as well as facilitating them”.autonomy, the ability to think critically and their active participation in society,

quality seal

In this context, ERYICA decided, in April 2018, on the creation of a Quality Seal, as one of the proposals coming out of the European Youth Information Paper and the ERYICA Strategic Plan for 2018-2023, with both Major focus on information overload faced by young people,

Therefore Need to make quality seal As a visual symbol that recognizes the quality of information and the credibility of the source providing it, it guarantees that it is objective and unbiased.

Seal quality assessment is linked to a set of criteria, mechanisms and tools. Once an organization receives the label, You can label the different youth information products and services you provide,

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