Ivana Nadal Got Fed Up: Look at the Radical Step She Took With Her Life (And With Her Body)

Ivana Nadal

The Argentinian brunette decided to share the decision with her fans.

Ivana Nadal is one of the most beautiful goddesses in our country, who has dazzled the public with her spectacular beauty above the catwalks, and also in the media.

As we know, the model is one of the favorites of several brands to star in their advertising campaigns, since their charisma and figure are the keys to their success. If there is something she knows is to attract attention to each photo or video, so everyone falls at their feet.

The popularity of the Argentine goddess is such that social media also causes a sensation. In her official Instagram account, she usually shares videos about her exercise routines and different tips for her more than two million followers.

This time, Ivana was encouraged to give recommendations to her followers in her stories, recording a couple of videos where she says: “Forget the balance, forget how much they weigh, the size of the clothes, to think about every calorie you eat in her body, to look for defects in front of the mirror. “

“Keep doing the life you have been doing in terms of activity and food. See it before each meal you are being happy. See if you are aware when you are eating,” said the famous. “Pamper yourself in the belly, do not squeeze the belly, arms,” ​​and acknowledged that she did before: “I was mistreated, barded, I felt fatter every Monday after eating all the weekends.”

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Then, the influencer acknowledged that what worked for her to change her lifestyle was to stop pressuring herself to be thinner or seeking goals through efforts she couldn’t keep up with time. “Bye scale, bye bans, bye abuse, bye counting calories,” she said was the solution to her problems.

For a while, Nadal has found in social networks a means to help other people who are not satisfied with themselves or who simply want to feel better, change their eating habits for healthier ones and accept themselves in front of the mirror. A genie!



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