“I’ve always been very lonely”: Brad Pitt talks about love, career and a hidden treasure

Brad Pitt recently gave a long interview to the American version of GQwhich will be released in print with the actor on the cover in July, in which he recounts his recent life in all its facets, from private to professional.

Two-time Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2020) and in the cast (including production) of the winning film 12 Years a Slave (2014), the celebrity talked about career, love and addiction issues that have gripped him for many years. Above all, the actor talks about the depression problems which have long defined his personal conduct. In 2016, following the divorce from Angelina JolieBrad Pitt recalls dating a group of anonymous alcoholics: “I was in a quiet and very small group of all men, so I felt safe.”

Like this, in addition to “cleaning up” from alcohol, the actor has begun to leave behind all the other vices, and says he also abandoned cigarettes during the pandemic: not being “one of those people able to indulge only a couple of cigarettes per day “, he decided to give up smoking altogether.

There hollywood star it also reveals a deeper side. During the interview with GQ Brad Pitt opens up about his love of music, which was a saving and quite recent discovery. “I’ve always moved with the current […]. I think I have spent years suffering from a mild form of depression, and only when I decided to face this situation, trying to accommodate all sides of me, good and bad, did I realize that I was able to seize the moments of joy. [come quelli dati dalla musica]”.

Brad Pitt with ex-wife and now close friend Jennifer Aniston

Speaking of “broken hearts” and marked sensitivity, Brad Pitt, who among his closest friends has stars like Leonardo Dicaprio andex wife Jennifer Anistontells interviewer Ottessa Moshfegh: “I think the hearts of all of us are broken” […]. “I have always felt very lonely in life, even when I was a child, and now, and only recently, I have begun to feel a deeper closeness of my friends and family. […]. When you can afford to feel great pain and great joy at the same time, then this is maturity, and you are growing “

Brad Pitt58, despite success, doesn’t seem to want one career infinite: “I consider myself winding down this semester or quarter. What will this period be like? And how would I like to shape it? ”. But giving an end to everything, you know, can only be a new beginning, for a creative soul: like Mick Jaggerwho had declared that he would no longer tour after the age of 40, and the other day he was singing on the stage of San Siro in Milan, 78, again on tour with Rolling Stones.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Wed in Secret Ceremony
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the time of their union

Brad Pitt was entered by Just Jared in the list of 15 actors who have earned the most between 2021 and 2022. Per Bullet Train, starring film due out in late summer 2022, grossed $ 20 million, “tearing up” other A-list celebrities such as Tom Cruise, who for Top Gun: Maverick he earned “only” 13 million dollars. Speaking of wealth, in the interview Pitt also tells of the legend that under Château Miraval, his property in Provence where married Angelina Jolie in 2014a fortune in gold was buried there.

For a year, he says, he was “haunted” by the legend, but under the castle there was no hidden fortune. On the subject of hot properties recently Brad Pitt has sued Angelina Jolie, claiming that his ex-wife would sell his shares in Miraval, keeping him in the dark about the transaction. The property had been acquired during their equal partnership relationship, and later became a profitable rosé wine business that Brad Pitt has grown over the years.

By acting in a non-transparent way, Angelina Jolie he allegedly “damaged” his reputation, according to the actor’s and ex-husband’s legal team. A remainder of 2022 is expected in which Pitt he will have to find a balance and new directions between career, business and a family issue that, more than 6 years after the divorce, has not yet been resolved.

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