“I’ve had three miscarriages, today I’m neither a pain nor a regret”

Belen Rodríguez he confesses he had three miscarriages. The showgirl for the first time revealed a very intimate and even painful aspect of her life, which she had chosen not to talk about for a long time. In the past she had confessed to having lost a child shortly before the birth of Luna Marì, but now she has admitted to having lost two other children before conceiving Santiago.

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The confession

Interviewed by the weekly F, Rodriguez explains that she has suffered three abortions in the course of her life: «I have never told anyone but in reality I have lost three in my life: two before Santi and one between Santi and Luna », Belen said, «At the time I suffered from it, of course, but then I had other children so, in all honesty, I answer you that today it is not a pain or a regret».

Rodriguez managed to overcome the pain of those losses thanks to her children, but certainly living those moments was not easy for her. “If a pregnancy doesn’t go well, it means that the fetus wasn’t strong and that’s why it was expelled. The body is the smartest machine we have. You have to let things go », she explains with a very fatalistic view. Today she Belen has found her family and personal serenity thanks to Stefano, with whom she has always had a very stormy story but which she admits she has never stopped loving.

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