‘I’ve never corrected them’: Ryan Reynolds on being mistaken for Ben Affleck

Back in 2021, Ryan Reynolds appeared in a podcast where he shared numerous incidents where the actor would get mistaken for Ben Affleck. Not only Affleck, but the actor also gets mistaken for Ryan Gosling on numerous occasions. Commenting on the same, the actor once wrote on Twitter that, “The difference is easy to spot.”

Ryan Reynolds on his reaction to being mistaken for Ben Affleck

Ryan Reynolds once appeared on the Dear Hank and John Podcast, back in 2021. Speaking on the podcast, he revealed, “There’s a pizza place in the East Village in New York that I’ve been going to for years. They believe I’ m Ben Affleck and I’ve never corrected them. I feel it would not go over well if I revealed.” The Deadpool actor also added, “I do everything normal like everybody else. They just think I’m Ben Affleck and they’ll ask how J.Lo is and I’m like, ‘Great, good.’ I get the pizza and off I go.”

The actor also recalled facing a similar question on Twitter. He said, “Years ago, I used to play fast and a little loose more on Twitter. These days, I’m a little bit more reserved.” However, he responded saying, “Well the difference is easy to spot. Ryan Gosling has blond hair and Ryan Reynolds is a (expletive).”

Ryan Reynolds promises that The Notebook would have been unwatchable if he did it instead of Ryan Gosling

Ryan Reynolds also spoke about how he is often compared to Ryan Gosling. However, he strongly believes that Gosling did way better work in the movie The Notebook than he would have. The actor said that if he was cast instead, “That would have failed horrendously,” he joked. “It would have been worse. I promised you. It would have been unwatchable.”

Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds share a similar journey, starting out in the industry as kids. Commenting on the same, Reynolds said, “I didn’t do anything as notable as the Mickey Mouse Club, but I did a sort of bad soap opera for teens called Fifteen for Nickelodeon,” Reynolds recalled. “I remember they paid you $250 a week and I thought I was the richest man on earth.”

Ryan Reynolds will grace the silver screen next in Deadpool 4.

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