‘I’ve never worked so hard’

Damien Chazelle is evidently used to asking 101% of the actors he directs: for information we could ask the various Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Miles Teller, but to give us the measure of the effective degree of commitment required by the director of La La Land is especially Margot Robbie, fresh from filming Babylon.

In the film defined by critics as a mix between Fellini and Scorsese, the Birds of Prey star will play Nellie LaRoyan actress on the launch pad who according to Robbie could be compared to an octopus at the same time (“She knows how to be fluid and quick-change at the same time“) and a honey badger (“She’s always ready for battle, constantly. She really has fur“).

A role, that of LaRoy, which seems to have required Margot Robbie one of the greatest efforts of her career: “I do not have never worked so hard in my life. I was literally devastated at the end of filming” were the words of the actress currently in the room in the company of John David Washington and Christian Bale in David O. Russell’s Amsterdam.

Let’s hope, of course, that the efforts of Margot Robbie and colleagues have produced a result worthy of: given the precedents of Chazelle, however, it seems right to have some optimism about it! We remind you, however, that Babylon’s release date has recently been brought forward.

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