“I’ve seen emotional men”: Jennifer Lawrence Felt Relieved to Not Be Around Toxic Masculinity in ‘Causeway’, Slammed Critics For Calling Female Directors Too Emotional

Actress Jennifer Lawrence, who has recently been in conversation for the comedy film No Hard Feelings, is known for her outspoken behavior. She doesn’t hesitate to share her thoughts and is liked by many for the same reason as well. And she did speak her mind when it came to talking about working with male and female filmmakers.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

As she joined The Hollywood Reporter’s Actress Roundtable, Lawrence shared the reason she loves working with female directors, as she talked about working with Lila Neugebauer in the 2022 film causeway.

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Jennifer Lawrence on Working With Female Directors

Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence returned to her indie roots with the 2022 drama film causeway. Starring the Oscar-winning actress as a soldier, Lynsey, the film follows her struggles to return to her daily life after being forced to return home due to a traumatic brain injury.

Jennifer Lawrence in Causeway
Causeway (2022)

Along with starring in it, Lawrence also produced the film. Throughout her career, Lawrence has worked with several filmmakers, which also includes a number of female directors. Talking about working with Lila Neugebauer on causewayshe said that things worked out pretty well as the “schedule made sense,” and there were no “huge fights” on the set.

She also shared that they would come up with a solution for every issue, stating that it felt good to get a little break from “toxic masculinity.” Further saying that women filmmakers are often criticized for being too emotional, she claimed that she has seen and worked with emotional men as well, who throw the “biggest hissy fits” on the set.

The Hollywood Reporter's Actress Roundtable
The Hollywood Reporter’s Actress Roundtable

I’ve worked with Bryan Singer. I’ve seen emotional men,” she said on The Hollywood Reporter’s Actress Roundtable. Further into the conversation, she shared that she loves working with female directors as they are the “calmest, best decision-maker.” Tea Serena actress also said that things slowly getting easier for female directors in the industry.

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Jennifer Lawrence Turns to Reality TV to Destress

Emma Corrin, Danielle Deadwyler, Claire Foy, Michelle Williams, Michelle Yeoh, and Jennifer Lawrence were asked about the best way to decompress after shooting something intense on The Hollywood Reporter Actress Roundtable.

Jennifer Lawrence with Kim Kardashian
Jennifer Lawrence with Kim Kardashian

While Foy and Deadwyler said that they unwind with margaritas and martinis, Lawrence shared that her way to relax is to switch on reality TV. “I love my reality TV,” she said. The actress has been quite open about her love for reality TV shows and even used a Kardashian attempt to de-stress in between takes while filming the 2017 film Mother!

Further into the conversation, she said that she had to defend herself to her The Hunger Games co-star, Woody Harrelson after he found out about it. “Are you really going to watch this garbage?” she recalled Harrelson’s words while sharing that the fascinating dynamic of reality TV turns out to be very helpful.

causeway is available on Apple TV+.

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