Iza gives a simple puxadinha in a bikini, and it shows, sculpted body

Iza (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Iza I had to break the Internet” this Tuesday (30). With its sculpted body, and preferably, singer ‘Beloved I’ and ‘Talisman’, he left followers drool with close off that bikini, which she gave on Instagram.

Completely natural known appeared without makeup and natural hair. Abalando from the hearts of the fans, she was with some minimal, green and giving puxadinha easy to modelito.

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“Not acostumo! my mom! it’s so beautiful,” he said Victory Falconthe Duo AnaVitória. “Perfect,” said Lyudmila. “Doesn’T GIVE YOU the VC is NOT PERFECT,” said one fan. “You are so beautiful inside than outside,” said another.

About his professional and personal life, Iza said confidence. “I feel much more secure and Mature now I’ve learned so much about business and about yourself, in principle. I, knowing better and doing things inside of my truth. I Mature to Express yourself. I’ll find someone who, professionally,” said in the World.

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