J-Lo and Ben Affleck can’t come to an agreement. Understand!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck they still haven’t managed to find the ideal home, where they intend to gather their families. According to a source from the tabloid “The National Enquirer”, the couple continues in their relentless search for the perfect home, after giving up on the purchase of a US$ 55 million property in Bel-Air.

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But not everything is flowers in the bride and groom’s lives. A source said that Ben is already getting tired of this quest, and begins to think that J-Lo is too demanding.

“The house hunt was supposed to be an exciting time, fresh start and all, but in Ben’s case, he’s finding Jennifer’s perfectionism a little too extreme,” reveals the source.

“They looked at about 50 million-dollar mansions and so far, she hasn’t fallen in love with any of them.” sale in the region.

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According to another source, the two agreed to split the value of the property, but Ben still wouldn’t want it to be too much.


if well Jennifer Lopez wanted to preserve the engagement ring he got from his ex, Alex Rodriguezthe current fiance Ben Affleck wanted her to return the jewelry. But it’s worth remembering that the ring Ben proposed to J-Lo with is definitely five times more expensive than the A-Rod ring.

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According to this week’s Globe magazine, Ben Affleck managed to completely overshadow Jennifer’s ex-fiancé, as Alex paid $1.8 million for his jewelry, while the actor shelled out nearly $10 million for the jewelry, made from a rare green diamond.

Lopez has been engaged six times. There are six different rings, and according to the tabloid, Rodriguez’s ring was actually on the more affordable side.

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When Affleck first proposed to her in 2002, the engagement ring he gave her, a pink diamond, was estimated to be worth $2.5 million.

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