Jabari Smith landed the lead role in the Bel-Air remake of Bajeru

The 1990-1996 series “Bajer of Bel-Air” brought fame to Will Smith as the prince of Bel-Air (the original title of the series is “The Frish Prince of Bel-Air”). Over thirty years after the premiere of the pilot episode of the series, work on its remake has started. Jabari Banks will play the main role in this production. Will Smith himself informed him.

The new version of “Bajeru z Bel-Air” is being commissioned by the Peacock streaming platform. What will distinguish it from other remakes of popular series is the fact that the tone of the story will completely change. The original series was a situational comedy, while the new version will be a serious story presented in the form of a series drama. One of the producers of the remake will be Will Smith.

And it was Will Smith who introduced to the world a new impersonator of the role of the Prince of Bel-Air. He will be played by Jabari Banks. A video appeared on Peacock’s social media, in which Will Smith informs him that he has won the casting for the role in the series “Bel-Air”. This is Jabari Banks. In 10 seconds his life will change. He auditioned for the role of Will in the series + Bel-Air +. I am not expecting this big surprise! ” – inform the subtitles placed at the beginning of the recording. Immediately afterwards, with the good news, he speaks to Banks via Smith’s internet connection.

“I am ready!” – assures the young actor after the first shock. He admits that his father encouraged him to apply for the role of Will, who gave him an article about the emerging remake of the cult series. Banks also presented a school photo showing him surrounded by friends – all dressed as characters from the series “Bajer z Bel-Air”. The delighted Will Smith offers him his help in building a role and developing a further career.

Set in modern America, Bel-Air will consist of one hour long episodes. The plot will be based on the original idea. The main character of the series, Will, will set off on a journey from the streets of West Philadelphia to gated mansions in Bel-Air. Bel-Air will show conflicts, emotions and prejudices that could not be explored in the half-hour sitcom format. At the same time, it will retain the audacity of the original series – we read in the official description of the production, the script of which was written by Morgan Cooper, the creator of the trailer posted on the Internet for the serious version of “Bajeru with Bel-Air”, which became the inspiration for the creation of the series. It is already known that there will be two seasons of “Bel-Air”.

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