Jabłoński The position of the West towards Russia has changed

A meeting between US President Joe Biden and the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, is scheduled for Monday. This week there will also be a meeting of Russian and NATO diplomats.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Paweł Jabłoński pointed out in an interview with Radio WNET that these are undoubtedly very important meetings due to Russia’s growing efforts to force fact methods to achieve their geopolitical goals.

– The stories that NATO should withdraw to the borders of 97 – because Russia would like to return to what was, in fact, to the situation from before 89, a return to the two powers that rule the world undividedly – this is, of course, a pipe dream, said Jabłoński .

As he added, Russia has not made the necessary reforms to become a strong economic country, therefore it bases its dreams on power on military strength.

Jabłoński: Russia wants concessions, the West wants peace

Jabłoński drew attention to the fact that for many decades Western countries have pursued a policy aimed at achieving peace towards Russia, “sometimes at the expense of long-term strategic interests.” He assessed this phenomenon as very dangerous.

However, he added that, in his opinion, this position has changed significantly in recent weeks. – This includes the result of the very hard diplomatic work of Central European countries, including Polish diplomacy to a great extent, but not only because our neighbors were also heavily involved in explaining to our American partners how big the danger and the dangerous situation are – said the politician, pointing primarily to the current the situation at the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Responsible for accusations by the opposition camp of excessive support for Donald Trump, he replied that “for some of our opposition, our government owes everything in the world.” Jabłoński stressed that Poland is in close good relations with the United States despite the change of president from Trump to Joe Biden.

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