Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith in 1995

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They first appeared together on the red carpet at the premiere of “In the Swamp of Los Angeles.” 25 years old, two children and a few scandals later, they are still madly in love with each other. On September 25, Will Smith celebrates its 52nd birthday.

They played it perfectly. They sat down at the round table. She speaks Turkish, he is open-minded. They matched the colors – the shade of his sweater was a shade darker than her denim shirt. They did not meet for a family dinner at home, or for dinner in a restaurant. Jada Pinkett Smith set up the table in the studio for her talk show “Red Table Talk”, which she hosts with her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, and daughter Willow. This time the only guest was Will’s husband. It is not known whether they were advised by PR specialists or the stars, familiar with show business for 30 years, came up with a brilliant idea themselves.

A few days earlier, vocalist August Alsina said in an interview that he “gave Jada a few years of his life”. He claimed that Will knew perfectly well about this “arrangement”. Jada and Will set out to deny rumors of an open relationship, a threesome and a breakdown. – A few years ago, I was involved in a relationship with August Jada admitted, adding that Will had no idea and certainly did not agree to the affair because they were separated at the time. – Only I could then decide to enter into a new relationship. I was unhappy, hurt, felt bad about myself – said Jada in “Red Table Talk” in the convention of marriage therapy. Only that, instead of the psychologist, the listener was the microphone, and on the other side there were thousands of fans of the couple who had been keeping their fingers crossed for 25 years. They can rest assured – the Smiths will never again show that they have been distracted. – We are more than spouses, this is a partnership for life – Will said. At the end, they used a quote from “Bad Boys”, one of Will’s top-grossing films (this year, the third installment was released in theaters, the fourth will be released next year): – We ride together, we die together. Bad marriage for life.

Hollywood couples usually break up after a few years. When one of them manages to survive together for 25 years, she is treated as heroes, strongmen, veterans. The Smiths’ happy ending gives fans as much hope as the best romantic comedies. They met in 1994 on the set of “Bajer z Bel-Air”. He has been playing the title role for four seasons – a carefree teenager (Will was older than his hero by several years – he got the role as a 22-year-old), who moves into the villa of wealthy relatives. Sitcom was one of the groundbreaking TV shows for African Americans. He showed their fellowship with a grain of salt, but fair – in the series, blacks were ambitious, rich, well-disposed. Bajer was an outsider who quickly adapted to a better reality. Jada was supposed to play his girlfriend, but as she says today, “the producers thought she was too short.” In fact, Will definitely taller than his wife, 188 cm tall. Pinkett had previously starred in another major series, “Another World,” about the black university. Today’s infamous Bill Cosby wrote the script for Lisa Bonet, Denise from The Bill Cosby Show.

The producers of “Bajer” did not like Jada, Will did not like it. Unfortunately, he was already married. – The energy that connected me with Jada was magical He said. It took two years for him to divorce Sheree Fletcher, marry Jada, and have a son, Jaden. Jada enjoyed the engagement and the birth of a child, but the wedding was on her nerves. – I had to go to that goddamn altar. I wanted to cry Says Jada. She has never been a traditionalist. It also connected her with Will. The kids – Jadena and Willow, who is two years younger – decided to bring up their partners. Children from an early age could show talents, and they have a lot of them. Willow released her debut album, Jaden plays with her dad in movies.

The Smiths’ PR play worked. They built their careers on a happy relationship. Will will not resign from the “Bad Boys” franchise soon, he will also star in “King Richard” about the father and coach of the Williams sisters. He’s eating an affair, scandal, and reconciliation, too. After a few lean years, she landed a role in “The Matrix 4”. He will play Niobe again, the girlfriend of Morpheus. She feels good in comic book entourage, which she also proved in the series “Gotham” about young Batman. Do they undertake ambitious projects? They do not have to. A quarter of a century together in Hollywood is quite an achievement.

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