“Jak talks to a dog” – a description of what the series is about, is there a book, is it worth seeing where to see? When is the premiere?

One more theatrical premiere that we want to bring you closer is a production for the whole family called How to talk to a dog.

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Movie How to talk to a dog is a family comedy cinema, a production that will come to Polish cinemas after the summer holidays. What can we expect from the movie?

How to talk to a dog – video description

Movie How to talk to a dog premiered last year, but was not released to theaters due to pandemic reasons. In the next month, they will finally be able to personally learn the story of a 12-year-old named Olivier and his dog Henry.

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The great love of these two and the boy’s abilities will lead them to hear and understand each other’s thoughts as a result of a mysterious experiment. This will allow you to talk to each other. The problem is, it will get bad people’s attention as well. Then these two will join the action, which will bring many funny situations.

How to talk to a dog – series cast

We will see the role of Olivier in the film Gabriela Betemana, who has a role in the films: Annabelle, When the lights go out, Dolly if Unpredictable.

They accompany him as parents Josh Duhamel (Transformers, Oh life, Safe havenń) and Megan Fox (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Deadly bodiesabout, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesand).

The cast also includes: Madison Horcher, Minghao Hou, Isaac Wang, Dillon Ahlf, Billy 4 Johnston, Kunal Nayyar.

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The director and screenwriter of the film is Gil Junger, with the following films: Ellen, The shrew in love, Beauty and Briefcase.

How to talk to a dog – where to watch?

Movie How to talk to a dog had its premiere in 2020. But soon, we will be able to go to the cinema.

The premiere of the film is set for September 24, 2021.

How to talk to a dog – opinions about the movie

This production is an ideal opportunity to go to the cinema with the whole family. The production can also interest fans of comedy and funny, light film productions.

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Dog lovers and owners who try to understand the dog and what the pet wants to tell them will also find something for themselves.

How to talk to a dog – books

Movie How to talk to a dog this production was based on its own script, which means that there is no book it is based on. Instead, we recommend reading another book with the same title How to talk to a dogwritten by Stanley Coren.

The book “How to talk to a dog” can be bought cheaper below:


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