Jake Allen has been on a downward slope for a few years

Jake Allen celebrated his 33rd birthday exactly a month ago. It is no secret that at a certain age, hockey players begin to notice a decline in their performance and Allen is no exception to this statistic.

Journal de Montreal journalist Jonathan Bernier did his research with the SportLogic firm and found that Jake Allen has reached an age where it looks like the end for goaltenders.

In fact, according to Bernier’s report, goalkeepers continue to develop until the age of 29. From the age of 29 to 33, goalkeepers see their performance go from bad to worse and, from the age of 33, this is when many of them start thinking about retirement and teams no longer need their services. She goes.

Looking at Jake Allen’s stats we find that he is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

(credit: HockeyDB)

Statistically, Jake Allen had the best season in 2019-20. What else? He was 29 the entire season! He had a .927 save percentage and 2.15 goals against average. Both of these statistics are his career best in a single season.

But, from the next season, his statistics dropped. There is no revival. It actually gets smaller and smaller with each drive.

That went from 2.15 goals the previous year to 2.68, then 3.30 and finally 3.55. Same thing for efficiency percentage. It moves from 0.927 to 0.907, then 0.905 and finally 0.891.

Luckily for Allen, his position has been secured with a new contract that will go into effect this season. The 2-year deal would put the Canadiens’ payroll at $3.85 million per year for the next two seasons.

Paying for a goaltender is expensive, but you have to admit that there are much worse contracts, such as Jack Campbell, who will likely be the number two goaltender in Edmonton for the next few years, with a $5 million per year contract . In 2026.

Jake Allen will continue to be an excellent number two goalkeeper for CH, but don’t be surprised if he doesn’t find a new team when his contract expires.

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