Jakob Dorigoni and Rebecca Gariboldi sign the 2nd City of Seregno Trophy

The Circuito Lombardia Cyclocross-Memorial Claudia Bonfanti stopped in Seregno (Monza&Brianza) where the 2nd edition of the City of Seregno-Memorial Enrico Lainati Trophy took place on Epiphany day, popularly known as the “Befana” party, which took place in the Park of the Porada di Seregno with a “Sock” full of registrations for the race with the adhesion of 455 cross riders from Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont, Liguria, Trentino, Sud Tirol and Friuli Venezia Giulia and from all the Lombard provinces and one important participation from the fans, favored by the proximity to the city center of this populous city in the Brianza area.

A success that galvanized the organizers Marco Tagliabue, President of the Bike Team Seregno; Nicola Viganò of Cicli Brianza and Marco Moretti, new President of Salus Ciclistica Seregno, who in unison proclaimed their willingness to organize an Italian Championship of the specialty on this same route, perhaps as early as 2024. We are at the second edition of the City of Seregno Trophy and , from the last edition of a regional nature, we have already landed in a national competition, the next step yes, we can sit down with the authorities responsible for the regular authorizations and needless to say that the vice president of the National Cycling Federation Ruggero Cazzaniga, the regional president of the FCI Stefano Pedrinazzi, the his deputy Christian Dagnoni, the provincial of Monza&Brianza Marino Valtorta, all present at the race, in the guise of sportsmen and enthusiasts, welcomed the promises of the Organizers with satisfaction.

Meanwhile, the various categories fought each other both for the victory of the test and to consolidate their positions in the general classification as the Lombardy Cyclocross Circuit has come to two tests from the end, the Mamma and Papà Guerciotti on January 22nd in Cremona. Meanwhile, in the mud, a great duel between the Open with the Milanese Leone, (Selle Italia-Guerciotti) and the Tricolore Dorigoni (Torpado Factory Team) who settle their dispute in the sprint.

The lady of the house is Rebecca Gariboldi (Team Cingolani) who precedes the other lady of the house, Alice Maria Arzuffi (GS Fiamme Oro). Among the Juniores, Tommaso Bosio (Guerciotti Development) from Varese wins and climbs to the top step of the podium with D’Alessandro (STM) who finishes in third place and maintains his leadership in the general classification for the category. Women Junior to Greta Pighi from Emilia (In favor of Cycling) while Vittoria Rizzo from Varese (Stm), who retired due to a mechanical failure, keeps the bioancoverde jersey of leader).

Among the 1st year pupils, the son of art Patrik Pezzo Rosola (Zanolini) affirms himself and, among the older ones, Longoni (Fiorin) from Brianza and in the feminine, Elisa Bianchi (Piton) on his partner Azzetti between the first years and Alice Pascucci (Trinx Factory) among the second year. Finally, the rookies are the “RebelBike Paredi” among the 1st year with La Capria and among the 2nd with Armanasco while, for women, the starlets Beatrice Maifè, 1st year, (Melavì) and the Emilian Jolanda Sambi (Calderara ). A round of applause to the FCI Jury chaired by Ernesto Maggioni with Vittorio Oldani and Gianmario Casana, Components; Stefano Pavignano, finish judge and Anna Galuppini secretary. Next round of the Lombardy Circuit, Sunday 8 January in Flero (Brescia).

Arrival orders

open, 1) Jakob Dorigoni (Torpado Factory Team); 2) Samuele Leone (Selle Italia-Guerciotti-Elite); 3) Ettore Loconsolo (ditto); 4) Lorenzo Samparisi (Ktm Alchemist Powered Brenta-Brakes); 5) Marco Pavan (Team Cingolani); 6) Martino Fruet (Team Lapierre-Trentino); 7) Luca Paletti (Green Project Bardiani Csf-Faizanè); 8) Cristian Calligaro (Ktm Alchemist); 9) Gianluca Cerri (Manini cycles); 10) Fabio Bassignana (Beltrami Tsa-Tre Colli).

Juniors, 1) Tommaso Bosio (Guerciotti Development); 2) Christian Fantini (Ktm Alchemist); 3) Nicolò D’Alessandro (Stm); 4) Diego Nembrini (Guerciotti Development); 5) Elia Mares (GC Montegrappa); 6) Matteo Fiorin (GB Team-Pool Cantu); 7) Matteo Benassi (In favor of cycling); 8) Giovanni Leoni (Zanolini Sudtirol Post); 9) Andrea Carbone (Dotta Bike-DP66); 10) Riccardo Arici (Jam’s Bike Team Buja).

pupils/2, 1) Daniele Longoni (Cycles Fiorin); 2) Mattia Agostinacchio (Guerciotti Development); 3) Marco Maria Moro (SC Romanese); 4) Pietro Duregon (VC San Vendemiano); 5) Francesco Baruzzi (Team Snape).

all/1, 1) Patrik Pezzo Rosola (Zanolini Sudtirol Post); 2) Ivan Colombo (GB Junior Team); 3) Michele Falciani (Ktm Alchemist Powered Brenta Brakes); 4) Paolo Favero (GB Junior Team); 5) Gregorio Acquaviva (DP66-Giant-Smp).

beginners/2, 1) Raffaele Armanasco (Team Rebel Bike Paredi); 2) Giovanni Bosio (Guerciotti Development); 3) Lorenzo Milani (GS Cycles Fiorin); 4) Pietro Lucini (Pedale Brembillese); 5) Nicholas Scalorbi (Calderara Stm Riduttori).

beginners/1, 1) Matteo La Capria (Team Rebel Bike Paredi); 2) Riccardo Longo (Team Serio); 3) Jacopo Matteo Gualtieri (UC Costamasnaga); 4) Michele Tommaso Giro (Hellas Monteforte); 5) Mauri Luis Jimenez Macas (GS Alto Adige Sudtirol).

Women Open, 1) Rebecca Gariboldi (Team Cingolani); 2) Maria Alice Arzuffi (GS Fiamme Oro); 3) Lucia Bramati (Trinx Factory Team); 4) Anna Oberparleiter (Zanolini Sudtirol Post); 5) Marta Zanga (Beltrami Tsa Tre Colli); 6) Katia Moro (Dotta Bike-DP66); 7) Sophie Auer (Zanolini Sudtirol Post); 8) Sofia Arici (Jam’s Bike Team Buja); 9) Nicoletta Bresciani (Bonfanti Racing Team); 10) Francesca Pisciali (Ki.Co.Sys.Team Friuli).

junior women, 1) Greta Pighi (In Favor of Cycling); 2) Elisa Lanfranchi (Ktm Alchemist Powered); 3) Tanya Donati (Jam’s Bike Team Buja); 4) Anita Poletti (STM); 5) Martina Barbiero (Ale Cycling Team); 6) Chiara Colombo (GS Cycles Fiorin); 7) Francesca Camiolo (SC Busto Garolfo).

Women Students/2, 1) Alice Pascucci (Trinx Factory Team); 2) Daria Durante (Bonfanti Racing Team); 3) Sofia Guichardaz (Guerciotti Development); 4) Giulia Zambelli (Valcar Travel Service); 5) Ellis Lazzarin (SC Busto Garolfo).

Women Students/1, 1) Elisa Bianchi (Team Snape); 2) Nicole Azzetti (Team Snape); 3) Matilde Maisto (Bonfanti Racing Team); 4) Elisa Giangrasso (Guerciotti Development); 5) Sara Ghirello (Team Cyclotheque).

Female Beginners/2, 1) Jolanda Sambi (Calderara Stm Riduttori); 2) Elisa Zipoli (Team Serio); 3) Sara Peruta (Valcar Travel Service); 4) Carlotta Ronchi (Team Snape); 5) Viola Invernizzi (Serious Team).

Women Newcomers/1, 1) Beatrice Maifrè (Menavì Tirano Bike); 2) Eva Ghilotti (Team Rebel Bike Paredi); 3) Giorgia Sardi (Srd Gagabike Time); 4) Melanie Bosonin (GS Cicli Fiorin Cycling Team); 5) Beatrice Trabucchi (Casalese Arm Pedal).

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