James Charles is convinced he already had the Coronavirus, that’s why


James Charles is CONVINCED he already had the Coronavirus, what doctors refer to as Covid-19. Yes, in short, the virus from China has spread all over the world until you get in the United States. And it is from there that the beauty guru and yotuber 20-year-old tells of her feelings:

“Remember on new year’s Eve when I was literally sick for a month and a half in a row? I have never been so bad for so long. All of the symptoms with which I had to match those of COVID-19. I am convinced you have already had the Coronavirus orona and able to beat him. This whole thing is so frightening,” she wrote in mid-march on Twitter.

To tell you the truth, it is not known if James Charles really has had the virus or if it has only had a stronger influence than usual. Also because the youtuber was never subjected to a buffer, and then its only guesswork. But there are many, even in Italy, in support of their affront the Covid-19 well before there was talk of a pandemic. “I don’t want to add anxiety to the situation“, he added.

In the meantime James continues to produce content, even while the rest of America is in quarantine obliged. He said: “It is great to be able to continue to work and publish content. I hope to put a smile on the faces of the people, at a time when it can be really hard to smile“.

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