James Gunn is tired of Drax fan jokes

James Gunn is the acclaimed director of the first two chapters of the Guardians of the Galaxy film saga, and has also been reconfirmed for the third, due out in Italian cinemas on May 3, 2023. Gunn wrote a post on Twitter in response to a user, who asked him to film very specific moments that see the protagonist Drax, a favorite of the fans, played by Dave Bautista.

Twitter user @DRileyamusing wrote:


Please, I hope you remember to continue the tradition of an invisible Drax moment. Thanks in advance.

James Gunn replied on his official Twitter profile:

With John Cena’s ongoing series of repetitive invisibility jokes, in addition to those about Dave, I almost regret making up this joke.

Here is the tweet in question:


The director refers first of all to John Cena, ex-wrestler actor he directed in two projects. Cena played the superhero Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad and in the TV series Peacemaker. In his wrestling career, he was known to use the recurring phrase “You can not see me” directed at his opponents. James Gunn does not really like to joke about this claim of invisibility that dates back several years ago, as is clear from his tweet.
The reference to Bautista concerns a scene from Avengers: Infinity War, directed by the Russo brothers, in which Gunn participated as a consultant for the dialogues concerning the Guardians of the Galaxy. In a moment when Star-Lord and Gamora talk to each other with an open heart and then kiss each other, they discover that Drax is watching them in an eerie way, and when they talk to him, Drax he responds by saying that it is moving so slowly that it is invisible. Perhaps it was meant to be a tribute to John Cena, since Bautista shares a wrestler past with the interpreter of Peacemaker.

Drax will return to the screens in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in 2023, a year which will have many relevant Marvel Studios releases; you can find them all in our article 2023 Marvel Releases Guide: Movies, TV Series and Specials.
Dave Bautista has said that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 may be the last in which he plays Drax, but many fans are hoping that this is not the case and that the fearsome but also funny character can continue his journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). always played by Dave Bautista.

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