James Rodriguez saved a rival’s life! What a reaction. “Hero” Football

This is not the first time a footballer has experienced cardiac arrest. We experienced the loudest of them during Euro 2020, when Christian Eriksen unexpectedly fell on the pitch and his heart stopped beating. Today the footballer is doing well, he has already returned to training, but he will have to continue his career with an implanted cardioverter-defibrillator. It is not known, however, what the doctors will decide in the case of Ousmane Coulibaly.

James Rodriguez a hero! He saved his life first, then scored two goals

During the first half of the Qatar league match, in which Al-Rayyan faced Al-Wakrah, an extremely dangerous situation occurred. At one point, Ousmane Coulibaly, a footballer from Al-Wakrah, fell onto the pitch. He suffered a cardiac arrest, which was confirmed by the league authorities. Luckily, James Rodriguez was on the spot and he reacted immediately, helping the opponent before the medical services arrived on the pitch.

“Movement saving life”, “James Rodriguez is a hero” – this is how Rodriguez’s actions are described by foreign media. It is not surprising that such a reaction, as reported by beIN Sports, is the same opinion of doctors who saw the behavior of the Colombian. Ousmane Coulibaly was transported to the hospital where he will undergo appropriate medical examinations.

Black clouds over Kamil Glik. Black clouds over Kamil Glik. “Exceeds the club’s capabilities”

The game was interrupted with the score 1: 0 for Al-Rayyan. The league authorities decided to finish the match on Monday, January 10. The match started 1-0 and ended 3-0. The result was boosted by James Rodriguez. The Colombian showed off with two hits: in the 69th and 72nd minutes. Immediately after the match, the league authorities published a statement.

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“The Qatar Stars League wishes the player a speedy recovery. We would like to thank the medical staff of both teams, paramedics and doctors for their great efforts during such events,” we read.

Al-Rayyan is currently ranked 8th in the Qatar league table. James Rodriguez joined the club last September. He has since played seven matches, netting three goals and making four assists. The player’s contract expires in June 2024.

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