James Rodríguez was harshly criticized by Sao Paulo fans for a rare mistake against Vasco da Gama

James Rodriguez became one of the leaders of the Sao Paulo team in his fifth start for Sao Paulo - Credit Rubens Chiri/Saopaulofc.net
James Rodriguez became one of the leaders of the Sao Paulo team in his fifth start for Sao Paulo – Credit Rubens Chiri/Saopaulofc.net

James Rodriguez he returned to the starting lineup sao paulo In Round 26 of Brazil’s Serie A, Tricolor played the away game to a draw with no goals scored. Vasco da Gama.The Colombian did not play a bad game and the penalty was wasted. Wellington LatoBut there he had a clear option to score first, and he rejected the opportunity.

The Colombian played a total of 64 minutes before being substituted. luciano da rocha. In the first half of the epilogue, Rodriguez He committed an infraction inside the area and the referee deemed it a penalty.The midfielder was confident of kicking these charges, but the one chosen on this occasion was Wellington Rat.

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The Brazilian opted to kick towards the goalkeeper’s left hand post, but address guessed by Leo Jardim. Nevertheless, james He anticipated the rebound and tried to put the ball at the other post without applying any pressure. The ball was deflected and he received strong criticism from the Colombian player, who seemed to be in poor form after the pre-season. sao paulo.

  • “Yes, I have to say that James Rodríguez is a poor match compared to other performances. What we did not want. We want to see better football in every match from the Colombian player. That’s what I hoped for, and I still hope for, and it happened. But it hasn’t happened so far because of the poor performance of the Colombian players.”
  • “James Rodríguez is a catfish, well. It didn’t work out at Real Madrid and he has been fooling the world for 10 years. Thankfully, this warrior who played the Brazilian Cup and was once in the CBD… We didn’t have time to mess with the team we had together.”
  • “Go back to Colombia, James Rodriguez, Anito, we don’t need you in São Paulo, catfish, take the money and give it to Lucas.”
  • “James Rodriguez is very weak. He was only active in the World Cup.”

James Rodriguez He completed 30 of the 34 passes he attempted in the match, and was one of the keys to giving the Reds a huge chance to score, but it was ultimately wasted. His rating on the SofaScore portal ranked him 6.6 above players such as: Rodrigo Nestor and Caio Paulista but very inferior to the best Diego Costa, Pablo Maia, Alan Franco.

The midfielder played 417 minutes in the second half, starting five games and making four substitute appearances. James will now travel to Barranquilla to join the Colombian national team’s intensive squad for the match against Uruguay on October 12th at 3:30 pm at Barranquilla’s Metropolitan Stadium.

Then you travel to Quitowhere the tricolor faces ecuador Tuesday, October 17th at the stadium. Rodrigo Paz Delgado Return to club discipline at 6:30 p.m. Rodriguez will miss the game against Goiasscheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 18, at 6 p.m.

In a recent conversation with the media, Dorival Junior regretted James Rodríguez’s recent call-up to the Colombian national team. He asserted that it is a benefit for football players, but said that he cannot limit players.

“The difficult thing is losing players like, for example: james. He arrived, did little work with the group, hardly trained with the team, and then suddenly, at the moment when we could accelerate the process, he left for the team. choice (…) It would be very important for him to be with him. get together. When he comes back, all of a sudden we won’t have the workload that we used to have as a team. ”

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