James Wan swears Aquaman 2 is a solo film

Don’t expect a sequel!

The DCEU is coming to the end of the road to make way for a whole new DC universe planned by studio bosses. meanwhile, later glitter (whose stats are not good at all), and more to come blue beetleWhich is all set to release on August 16, finally we will get the rights to its sequelaquamanFive years after the first film.

In a recent interview for Comic Book, james wan Said Emphatically: “Aquaman – like the first film – has always been a very independent film“And so we shouldn’t expect a sequel to the first part.

Explaining again:

,That’s what we’ve always done: let the movie be in its own world, and that’s how we approached The Lost Kingdom… you know, people love Jason Momoa, people love that he plays that role, And people like action footage of that place and that world. And that’s what we’re doing: we’re taking it to the next level and continuing to grow – and all the Aquaman fans who love Black Manta, this is the next level and I’m so excited to finally be able to show them that. so excited for we’ve been working on this for so many years,

However, it is not mentioned Amber Heard who also returns in the duology. For clown Or Batman whether it works remains to be seen aquaman 2 Will rise to the challenge.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Will be released in theaters on 20 December 2023

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