Jamie Dornan and Emily Blunt in the melodrama “Wild Mountain Thyme”. What will he tell about and when will the premiere?

Jamie Dornan and Emily Blunt will soon serve us a touching story of forbidden love. What do we know about the movie “Wild Mountain Thyme” and when will it be released? Below you will find the most important information.

Jamie Dornan and Emily Blunt as contemporaries Romeo and Juliet in the melodrama “Wild Mountain Thyme”. The first photo promoting the film appeared on the web. We also provide fictional details and “Wild Mountain Thyme” release date.

“Wild Mountain Thyme” – what is the movie with Jamie Dornan and Emily Blunt about?

“Wild Mountain Thyme” will present us with a story taking place in Ireland. The axis of events will be conflict between two families o land between their farms. The situation takes a truly dramatic turn when two youngfrom warring families, he falls in love with himself.

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“Wild Mountain Thyme” – when is the premiere?

Main roles potrayed by Jamie Dornan (“Fifty Shades of Gray”) i Emily Blunt (“A Quiet Place”, “The Devil Wears Prada”). The cast also includes: Jon Hamm, Christopher Walken, and Dearbhl Molloy. Responsible for directing Patrick Shanley. Movie premiere “Wild Mountain Thyme” will be held December 11, 2020.

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