Jamie Lynn Spears added some disturbing stories. Why is Britney Spears’ sister crying?

Jamie Lynn Spears
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Thanks to her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears has recently found herself in the candlestick. The loud conflict with Britney Spears made the media interest in the celebrity skyrocket. It seems that she is not happy with it … Jamie Lynn Spears has published a disturbing recording of stories. The crying star was consoled by her 3-year-old daughter!

Jamie Lynn Spears rose to fame mainly as the younger sister of Britney Spears. Although she had, among others, appearance in the popular series Zoey 101. For years, however, has been on the edge of show business.

The last drama starring Britney Spears directed the spotlight on her younger sister again. The pop princess confirmed the fears of her fans and confessed that she felt imprisoned by her father, who took care of her.

Jamie Lynn Spears has been severely criticized for not supporting her sister. Despite assurances that she was on her side, Internet users attacked her.


Jamie Lynn Spears replied to Britney Spears? He writes about “peace”!

Jamie Lynn Spears is crying on Instagram

The star published a disturbing recording on stories. You can hear Jamie Lynn Spears crying and her 3-year-old daughter comforting her.

It’ll be okay, mom. It must be okay, mom.

This was Ivey Joan.

Why was Jamie Lynn Spears crying? We can only guess this. It cannot be ruled out, however, that it is a difficult situation with Britney Spears. Some of her fans have gone a step too far and sent out death threats to the younger star!

Britney Spears’ sister receives death threats from her fans

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