Jamie Lynn Spears bursts into tears at the lunch box. Britney Spears responds

Jamie Lynn Spears has always dreamed of being popular. She lived in the shadow of the “princess of pop”, but can finally get the recognition she wanted. Sister Britney Spears has embarked on a media tour to promote the autobiography of “Things I Should Have Said.” Despite the fact that she is mainly known as the sister of the star, this did not prevent her from publishing a book of memories. As part of the promotion of the new release, Britney Spears’s younger sister visited “Good Morning America”. During the conversation, she ensured that she supported the star and did not benefit from her tutelage.

“Whenever she needed, I helped her as best I could. I went out of my way to give her the contacts she needed to end this guardianship as much as possible and all that happened in our family. If it brought us so many tensions. why wade into it? ” – she said.

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Jamie Lynn Spears, on the verge of crying, has stated that she still loves her sister.

She recalled that when Britney Spears was taken into custody, she was 17 years old and was expecting a child. At that time, Jamie Lynn Spears could not help the star. She emphasized that when she was ready to grasp her sister’s drama, she was a support for her.

Britney Spears reacts to Jamie Lynn Spears’ speech

The released star has recently informed fans that she is sick. However, two days after her sister’s appearance in the breakfast room, she decided to comment on her Twitter interview. She admitted that she had watched this conversation with a high fever before and had no strength to care about what Jamie Lynn Spears was telling.

“My sister said my behavior was out of control. She was never with me 15 years ago at the time… unless she wants to sell the book at my expense“- wrote the star.

Later in the post, a disappointed Britney Spears writes that her family “destroyed her dreams”. She then urged her fans not to trust others and instead treat adopted dogs and cats as their family and go about “their own lives”.

Jamie Lynn Spears did not fail to respond to her sister’s entry. On Instagram, she posted a statement in which she turned off the possibility of commenting. She stated that her sister was not true.

She stated that she did not feel like having a media discussion with her sister. She assured her that her book was not about Britney Spears, but about her career history. Jamie Lynn Spears wrote that she loves her sister and will continue to support her, but that she needs to focus on the family who receive threats from angry fans of the singer.

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Jamie Lunn Spears released the statement

Britney Spears did not remain indebted and posted a response to her sister’s publication on Twitter.

The artist appealed to Jamie Lynn Spears to stop telling lies as part of promoting her book.

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