Jamie Lynn Spears, drenched in tears, declares her love for Britney

Jamie Lynn Spears
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Jamie Lynn Spears broke the silence at the bitter words of her older sister. Jamie, in tears, insists on her love for Britney. Will the singer forgive her silence during the guardianship?

After regaining her freedom, Britney Spears did not fail to express her opinion on those who, in her opinion, turned their backs on her during the 13 years of guardianship. It was hit, among others, by her own sister, Jamie Lynn Spears.

In a very emotional interview with the breakfast room “Good Morning America” Jamie Lynn Spears referred to the conflict with her famous sister. Jamie Lynn reaffirms his love for Britney on Wednesday’s show.

– says the thirty-year-old sister of the famous singer.

Jamie Lynn Spears admits that her relationship with Britney has gotten very complicated. The artist’s sister also admits that she regrets her silence at a time when Britney needed the support of her loved ones so much.

Let’s add that the memories of Jamie Lynn Spears will appear on the market soon. The book is expected to go on sale on January 18.

A month ago, Britney Spears was released from the tutelage of her own father after 13 years. After regaining her freedom, the singer revealed that she wanted to start a new family with her boyfriend.

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