Jamie Spears has given her freedom. After 13 years of battle

The story of Britney Spears has fully shown how complicated and unfriendly the American system is for the incapacitated people and what is the scale of abuses against them.

Britney Spears has a lot to celebrate. After 13 years, she finally freed herself from her father’s tutelage – by a decision of a court in Los Angeles, Jamie Spears handed over control of his daughter’s finances to an accountant appointed by her lawyer. From now on, this property will be managed by John Zabel. This is the end of the most dramatic chapter in this long and confusing story.

Jamie Spears returns her daughter’s freedom

When Spears first testified in a Los Angeles court in late June, few commentators expected her emotional speech to immediately pay off. Incapacitation cases usually take years and rarely do people under such guardianship change their legal situation. In the case of Spears, however, everything happened extremely quickly – hiring his own lawyer turned out to be a turning point. When her case was dealt with by former federal prosecutor Mathew Rosengart, events accelerated.

Spears’ new lawyer made a move that she herself (she was entitled to an ex officio attorney) could not do: he filed a petition in court to remove her father from tutelage. Especially since new documents have come to light, proving that Jamie Spears was not managing his daughter’s multi-million dollar fortune.

Court scuffles between the parties lasted almost the entire month of August. From the side, it seemed that the father was very reluctant to give up control of his daughter’s property and dismissed all allegations of violence he was using against her. When it seemed that the matter would drag on for months more, suddenly – a little to the surprise of all commentators – Jamie Spears himself applied for an end to incapacitation.

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Britney vs Spears

Where does this change of attitude come from? Two circumstances seem to have occurred here. First, the media exerted extraordinary pressure. In addition to the “Free Britney” movement, which was initially treated as an Internet conspiracy theory, and after the singer’s testimony gained credibility, the traditional press also became interested in the matter. Three documentaries have been released in the last few months: The New York Times in collaboration with Hulu released Framing Britney Spears and Controlling Britney Spears, and Netflix on September 28 – the day before the verdict to change the artist’s custody – showed the documentary “Britney vs Spears”. All these productions focused on the system’s irregularities and abuses of those who oversee the life and decisions of the singer. It can be suspected that without the involvement of the media, fans and the support of others in this struggle to regain independence, the matter would have taken much longer.

Second, the story of Britney has become more than just another story from the lives of the stars. Her situation showed fully how complicated and unfriendly the American system is for incapacitated people and what is the scale of abuses against them. The story of the singer, who has been fighting with her father’s supervision for 13 years, more and more often asked the question: how can this system be repaired? No wonder that the case is being watched particularly closely by both the families of the incapacitated people and the lawyers.

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Britney Spears one step away from freedom

It is worth noting that the court has not yet completely suspended control over the singer’s life – a petition in this case is to be considered in a month. US incapacitation lawyers are still not sure if this means Britney Spears is about to regain full freedom. It all depends on what conditions it will have to meet for the court to grant it.

There is no doubt, however, that Spears herself has never come this close to regaining influence on her own life. Anyway, she is already taking her first steps towards independence – in mid-September she became engaged to her longtime partner, and after the court’s decision was announced, she uploaded photos from her first piloting lesson to Instagram. It would have been impossible for a few more months.

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