Jan Niepomniaszczij will take the world title from Magnus Carlsen?

Magnus Carlsen has held the world title since 2013 and has defended it in three consecutive matches so far. Now the matter may be a bit more difficult, because Forget him is not very “lying”. The overall score between the gentlemen in the classic games is four wins, one defeat and six draws in favor of the Russian.

Magnus Carlsen – a chess machine

Magnus Carlsen is the defender of the title of the World Chess Champion. He is 30 years old and holds the title continuously since 2013, when he defeated the then world champion – Viswanathan Anand from India. As an 11-year-old, he drew the attention of experts with his game. In 2009-2011, his coach was another famous player – Garry Kasparov. Carlsen is considered one of the greatest chess talents in history. He has won countless tournaments and has consistently held the highest ranking in the world since 2011.

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Jan Niepomniaszczij is ranked the strongest Russian player and fourth in the world

The challenger is the same age as the current world champion. Niepomniaszczij is a multimedia player at the World and European Junior Championships. In 2010, he became an individual European Champion. He has team (gold) and individual (bronze and silver) medals won during chess Olympiads and World Championships. He is currently in fourth place in the world ranking and is the highest-ranked Russian.

“Nepo”, as fans call him, won the right to play for the world title in the contenders tournament in Yekaterinburg last year. The Russian left seven other top chess players in the world in the defeated field.

The match for the title of the World Chess Champion – rules

The world championship match will consist of 14 games. Each player will have two hours to make the first 40 moves, and the next 20 pos. time. After making 60 moves, players will be given an additional 15 minutes to finish the game and 30 seconds. added after each move. If the score is still tied after 14 games, the referee will order four-leg play. It will be played at a pace of 25 minutes for the entire game with 10 seconds. added after each move. If no champion is selected at this stage, the pace of the game will be further shortened.

The next step will be a two-party competition in the so-called blitz, or instant chess, with a time of 5 minutes per game and a bonus of 3 seconds per move. There can be a maximum of ten such parties. If this is not decisive, a final match will be played in which the white player will have 5 minutes to play and the black player four minutes (plus an additional 2 seconds for each move made from the 61st move inclusive). If there is also a tie in this decisive game, the player who plays black will be the champion (due to the shorter thinking time).

Reward fund

The match prize fund is worth two million dollars. The winner will take 60 percent. the amount and the loser the rest. However, the proportions will change if there is a draw after 14 games. In the event of overtime, the champion will receive 55 percent. fund, and its opponent 45 percent. Before the start of the match, both players received a deposit of EUR 200,000 each.

Source: chess.com, fide.com

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