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Five years after “Dirty Computer”, American singer Janelle Monae returns with “The Edge of Pleasure”, an album that pays tribute to sexual freedom and love without taboos. She will perform at the Montreux Jazz Festival on July 15, 2023.

Janelle Monae is originally from Atlanta Is an American actress and singer, who has influenced biggest rappers Big Boi (Outkast) and P. Diddy, who signed her to his label in 2007. Singer Prince saw her at the Grammy Awards in 2010.

He later became her mentor and worked with her on the song “Givin’ Em What They Love”, which appeared on the album “The Electric Lady” in 2013, then “Dirty Computer” shortly before the legend’s death in 2015. ” acted on. and 2016.

a smooth turn

This year, the singer unveiled “The Edge of Pleasure,” an unabashed fourth album dedicated to all forms of pleasure. With texts devoid of any social, dogmatic or sexual influence, Janelle Monáe Shows a libertarian attitude. The artist, who previously wore stylish trouser suits in reference to her modest origins and former job as a maid, is now changing her look. She proudly displays her body and her breasts, whether on the album cover where she dives underwater, or in the video for “Lipstick Lover”, which is available in explicit and censored versions. On social networks, we see him lifting his T-shirt during a concert. as an act of liberation from his body.

>> WATCH: Janelle Monae’s “Lipstick Lover” Music Video

Like Lil Nas X or Lizzo, Janelle Monáe, who defines herself as non-binary, defends body-positive culture. Activist for social justice, African-American and LGBTQ+ communities, singer She also works for him by admitting and living his desires without any taboos, such as in her song “Only Have Eyes 42”, which is a song on polyamory.

generous support

Conceptual artist Janelle Monae drew inspiration from her previous science fiction albums to talk about oppression and resistance. In “The Age of Pleasure”, he Honors women who have marked the entertainment industry by their strength of character: Grace Jones lends her voice to an interlude in French in “Ooh La La”, while singer, DJ and Jamaican pioneer Sister Nancy ” French 75″. American actress Nia Long and American-Ghanaian singer Amaray unite their talents in “The Rush”. A mix of reggae, trap and soul all in one style.

This new album marks the end of a long process of self-disclosure for Janelle Monae. She will also play Josephine Baker in a future series based on the Roaring Twenties. It must be said that both women share their strong character, their activism, their bisexuality, and their love for the liberation of the body, leading to debate over its place in racial stereotypes.

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Janelle Monae, “The Edge of Pleasure” (Wondaland Productions).

In concert with Nile Rodgers, Montreux Jazz Festival, July 15, 2023.

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