January 2024 Anime Max simulator code

Climb the ranks of anime with these Anime Max Simulator codes!

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Roblox is loved by millions of people. A sandbox game where you can play, create and come together with people from all over the world. Jump into any community experience, or take advantage of promo codes to get great content.

There are many Roblox games based on specific comics and animations. But what if you could explore the world of all your favorite anime in one go?If this proposal excites you, you’ll love Anime Max Team Anime Max Simulator.


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In Anime Max Simulator, you will form a team of heroes based on characters from “Demon Hunter”, “Dragon Ball”, “Naruto”, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” and other works to fight against enemies. But to move forward, you must build strength and sharpen resources. Luckily, we’ve discovered that Anime Max Simulator promo codes can significantly improve performance!

Working Anime Max emulator code



Update 13

Get free potions and 200 crystals! (new code)


Get free potions and 10 premium gems! (new code)


Received 1 experience potion and 1 dropped potion! (new code)

Yato Jack

Get 2 drops of potion! (new code)


Receive 30 Coins, 20 Crystals, and 30 Seru Fingers! (new code)


Get free potions! (new code)

2KCC players

Receive free potions, 20 Premium Gems, 50 Crystals, 50 Secu Fingers, and 50 Coins! (new code)

1MGame visits

Get free potions, 20 premium gems, 40 crystals and 2 lucky potions! (new code)

100K Group Member

Get free potions, 5 premium gems, and 2 drop potions! (new code)

Close 13

Get free potions! (new code)

Anime Max Simulator code is case sensitive and Lasts for a limited time.You can only redeem them 11 per Roblox account. We recommend redeeming these promotional codes as soon as possible before they expire.

expired code




Reward not applicable

release delay

Reward not applicable

Update 1

Reward not applicable

Thanks for the 500 likes

Reward not applicable

Thank you for 100 likes

Reward not applicable

mini update

Reward not applicable

Update 3

Reward not applicable


Reward not applicable

The game is back

Reward not applicable


Reward not applicable

Update 6

Reward not applicable

Update 7

Reward not applicable

Update 8

Reward not applicable

Update 9

Reward not applicable

Update 10

Reward not applicable

Update 11

Reward not applicable

Multiple codes

Reward not applicable

How to redeem Anime Max emulator code

Step-by-step diagram for redeeming promo codes in the Roblox game Anime Max Simulator.

You can redeem Anime Max Simulator codes through the game code menu. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Twitter bird icon Open on the left side of the screen code menu.
  2. Enter your code Enter the marked text field “Enter code.”
  3. Click the green “Redeem” button Submit your promotional code.
    1. you will see a Blue reward message If your code is above the code menu redemption works.
    2. if your Redemption failedarrive red message will appear under the code menu Explain that the code does not work.

Check your code Errors regarding spelling, letter case, spaces, numbers, and special characters (&, $, #, @, etc.) If your first redemption attempt fails. Then, if those edits don’t fix the problem, you can assume the code is buggy or out of date.

How to get more Anime Max simulator codes

The fastest way to get more Anime Max Simulator code is to visit #codes channel in the Anime Max Discord server. Please visit the link below for more Anime Max Simulator news and updates.


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