Janusz Palikot planted a real pig on TVN 24. “The level of rudeness has broken the scale”

  • It was one of the most memorable television appearances of former MP Janusz Palikot. When, at the time, Bogdan Rymanowski, who hosted the program, he took out the pig’s head, it was known that all of Poland would talk about this action
  • Janusz Palikot brought the pig’s head to Michał Listkiewicz, the then president of the Polish Football Association. It was a time when our football was shaken by the corruption scandal, and Listkiewicz naturally became its face. After all, he ruled Polish football
  • The charismatic Palikot was then a member of the Civic Platform. He made a lot of noise around himself, was known for his strong words and speeches. – A pig’s head is a mafia symbol. It is the gangs that forgive each other. And I am sending this to the Pezetpeen mafia, to those guys in sweaty leather jackets and chains around their necks. The game is not over, the politician thundered
  • Michał Listkiewicz returns to this bizarre meeting in his book “Leaf” by journalists from “Przegląd Sportowy” and Onet Sport: Łukasz Olkowicz and Piotr Wołosik. On Wednesday, December 8, the book goes on sale nationwide
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I did not feel anything wrong when in October 2008 I accepted an invitation to Bogdan Rymanowski’s program on TVN24. I have come to this station many times and no border has been crossed. This time it was supposed to be different. I had no idea how disgraceful Janusz Palikot would behave.

Janusz Palikot planted the pig. Literally

Guests spend the last minutes before entering the studio in the waiting room. They have a preview of what is happening on the vision on the big screen. Usually, another guest was sitting there as well, and time fled out on a joint conversation over coffee or tea. This time something strange was happening. I was alone in the waiting room, except for the cameraman carefully following my every gesture.


I watched Palikot get going. I did not expect class and culture from him, but this time the level of rudeness surpassed the scale.

– Listkiewicz should sit … PZPN will be liquidated and activists arrested … They think they won, but the ball is on our side. It will be a blow to the heart. There will be no shortage of determination to clear the ball. If I were them, I would pray to God for the survival of the next few months … It cannot be ruled out that the Polish Football Association is trying to survive for Minister Drzewiecki, he rumbled.

Photo: Onet


Excited, he removed a pig’s head from the net, from which blood was still dripping. – Mr. Listkiewicz will be here in a moment. I have a gift for the Pezetpeen mafia – he put his head on the table.

I watched it in the waiting room. I knew that the moment Palikot started his embarrassing performance, the operator was taking a close-up of my face. I did everything I could to keep it stone. Inside, I was boiling, but I remembered Kazimierz Górski’s advice. – Mr. Bear, if something is happening, it’s just peace. Please don’t react.

On the way to the studio, I missed Palikot.

“I wonder how you can handle it,” he said triumphantly.

– I think it’s better than you.

A masterful retort

I didn’t really know how to act. I realized that after such Palikot’s speech all of Poland would be talking about it. I sat down at the table. Emptiness in the head. Thread. Zero. What to do here?

And then Mr. Kazio helped me from beyond the grave. I once complained to him that Janek Tomaszewski uses me a lot in the media: – Listkiewicz is a loser! Lock him up, send him to jail – he thundered to the public, and I went to Kazio: – This Janek clung to me. How can you insult a person? Can you help me make it stop?

– Mr. Bear, I’ll tell you something. In 1973 we played sparring. He then hit his head against the post and it stayed that way. I am helpless.

We return to the TVN24 studio. – What do you say? The tutor asked, looking at the fragment of the dead animal lying next to me.

I told the story with Tomaszewski, Kazio’s comment, and I adjusted it to Palikot’s behavior: – This gentleman does not seem to have dealt with sports, but he must have been to PE. He must have hit the post hard there once and now we have the effect of that pig’s head.



Michał Listkiewicz – for many years the most important man of Polish football, also the public enemy number 1 because of football.

Football referee, president of the Polish Football Association, UEFA and FIFA activist, also a journalist. In this book we rediscover it. As a man very experienced in life, a master of anecdotes, a frequenter of salons where his paths intersect with Kazimierz Górski, Diego Maradona, Sepp Blatter, Irena Kwiatkowska, and even … one black sheep.

They say that “The whole truth about man knows only himself”. Journalists of “Przegląd Sportowy”, Łukasz Olkowicz and Piotr Wołosik, reveals this truth to “Leaf” even without … a fig leaf. Spicy, sweet and bitter. About the difficult relationship with the alcoholic father, the murder of the mother and the forgiveness of her murderer, molestation by the actor.

Acquaintance, friend, confidant of the great world of football, politics, business, art. Definitely, the biography of Michał Listkiewicz and this book are ready material for several seasons of the thrilling series!

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