Japan. The Delta variant will annihilate itself. He wouldn’t be able to make a copy of his own

Delta variant self annihilated? This “potentially revolutionary” theory was intended to explain the sudden sharp decline in the number of Delta variant cases in this country of 125 million.

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Japan won the fight against the coronavirus? Only six infections have been reported in Tokyo, 40 million

Japan’s population has been on alert since the start of the pandemic, especially after the highly infectious Delta variant broke through its borders in 2021. At the height of its fifth wave, Japan had an estimated 26,000. coronavirus cases daily; during this time, countries around the world, including Australia, introduced blockades to protect themselves from the Delta. Japan saw an amazing recovery in November, with fewer than 200 cases of infections in recent weeks, and Friday was the first day with no deaths from COVID-19 in 15 months. In the largest city in the world – Tokyo – with 40 million people, only six new cases of coronavirus infections were recorded on Monday.

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The revolutionary theory of an expert in genetics: The Delta variant has self-destructed

The Delta variant accumulated too many mutations in a coronavirus error-correcting protein called nsp14, according to a ‘potentially revolutionary’ theory put forward by Professor Ituro Inoue, a genetics expert at the National Institute of Genetics. Prof. Inoue believes that the virus tried to fix the bugs in time and ultimately caused “self-annihilation”.

When the Delta variant first appeared, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced it was more than twice as contagious as its predecessors. The center warned that it could make the disease more severe in unvaccinated people. However, according to the research of prof. Inoue found the opposite.

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– We were literally shocked when we saw the results – said prof. Inoue to The Japan Times. While some experts attribute the decline in infection rates in Japan to vaccination 76.2 percent. population and strict adherence to the rules of wearing masks, prof. If the Delta variant were still “alive and healthy”, Inoue believes the number of further infections would increase.

“If the virus were alive and well, the number of cases would surely increase, because wearing masks and vaccinating in some cases will not prevent breakthrough infections,” he said.

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Japan canceled its state of emergency in early October, opening up society after a period of severe restrictions. Currently, it has one of the lowest infection rates among developed countries in the world, but prof. Inoue warns Japan is not immune to further potential coronavirus variants.

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