Japan’s farewell to the World Cup with a tribute to its opponents: the players leave origami and a greeting card to Qatar in the locker room – The photos

After the elimination from the World Cup in Qatar, the Japan has not ceased to amaze audiences around the world, as well as the organizers of the event. After losing on penalties during the Round of 16 against the Croatiathe “Samurai Blue” they cleaned the entire locker room, collecting all the rubbish, tidying up the unused bottles of water, as well as folding and stacking all the towels offered by the organization, and the bibs used during the warm-up phase. On the table placed in the center of the dressing room, the players and the staff of the Japanese delegation left 11 origami cranes, which symbolize gratitude and team spirit, but also a wish for health, happiness and prosperity towards the opponent. Japan also left a thank you message for the welcome received, writing the word “thank you” in both Japanese and Arabic, written on a simple sheet of paper. The coach of the national team Hajime Moriyasuat the end of the match, bowed to the fans present in the stadium, as a sign of thanks for the support received.

The Japanese delegation, as happened after the historic and unexpected victory against the Germany joke 2 to 1, even in defeat he repeated the same ceremonial and etiquette. The same goes for the fans who flocked to Qatar, who were repeatedly filmed by the cameras as they cleaned up the stands after the matches. Although on the surface most of the public think that cleaning is an anomaly, in reality for the Japanese it is mere normality and part of their culture. In fact, since childhood, children are taught that as an act of respect for themselves and for the community it is good to leave everything tidy and clean, as well as respect for the environment and health. In short, no ostentation or desire to draw attention to oneself, but cleaning and tidying up, as well as thanks for the welcome, are part of the culture and basic values ​​of the Japanese.

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