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Universal Pictures has decided to produce the film ‘Shots! Shots! Shots! ‘, an action comedy starring Jason Momoa. The screenplay is written by Matt Mider and Kevin Burrows, who together created the animated series ‘Gentlemen Lobster’ and the Netflix film ‘The Parcel’, both of which belong to the comedy genre.

The plot of ‘Shots! Shots! Shots! ‘ it is described in a rather laconic way. It speaks of “a family-centered adventure” and that it draws inspiration from ‘True Lies’ by James Cameron, from ‘I will find you’ with Liam Neeson and from ‘The Los City’ (with Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe). Among these coordinates the presence of ‘I will find you’ is a bit out of place, which is a rather tight and dramatic thriller, unlike the other two titles. Unless the presence of this film refers to the narrative cue, that is to the kidnapping of the daughter of a father who reveals extraordinary skills (he is a former CIA diary) and who goes after the kidnappers in a ruthless and bloody way.

No details were disclosed on the start of filming or on the release to the cinema, but the agenda of Jason Momoa it is quite full and suggests that it will take time. He is currently on the set of ‘Fast X’ (2023), then he will have to deal with the promotion of ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ (also 2023) and the launch of ‘The Last Manhunt’ (date yet to be confirmed) and ‘Slumberland’ ( 2022). Not to mention that her name appears in the possible cast of two other films: ‘Minecraft’ and ‘Cliffhanger’. In short: it will be necessary to fit the commitments well, in view of ‘Shots! Shots! Shots! ‘.

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