Jason Tatum Will Try To Convince Damian Lillard To Come To Boston

Since his transfer request, Damian Lillard has only had his eyes on the Heat. Despite this, other teams want to believe in their chances. Scout mode with Jason Tatum could play a role in the Celtics’ story.

Ever since Damian Lillard requested his trade, all eyes have been on Miami. Between an interview he gave a few weeks ago in which he named the Heat as a potential new team, his story on Insta that referenced South Beach and reports from insiders suggesting that Pat Riley’s franchise might be the destination of the future Will be by Lady Dolla.

It still needs to negotiate successfully with the Blazers, and the Heat are not the team that has the most assets to offer in the deal. In this story, Miami still has one major asset: player desire. According to the latest news, Damian Lillard only wants the Heat and nothing else. Discouraging to some teams, but we must still remember that Portland has the hand on the file. Unlike Bradley Beal, Damian Lillard does not have a no-trade clause, so he cannot object to a trade. The Blazers, on the other hand, are interested in trying to work out a deal with the player that works for everyone, so as not to end a love affair with the man who is perhaps the greatest player in their history. .

So the ideal would be a trade that provides the Blazers with quality assets and a team that will satisfy the Dame’s desire to win. If Lillard only wants the Heat, Pat Riley will have to make a selection or find players to send to Oregon. We still have to find partners to help him.

Another result would be for Lillard to open the door for other teams. Which brings us to our topic today: The Celtics. Always looking for a good deal in the market, Brad Stevens and his teammate Chris Haynes will be part of teams to follow the Blazers star. Bleacher Report, With the departure of Marcus Smart and the dire state of health of Malcolm Brogdon, the arrival of a new point guard in Beantown could make sense.

Report: Jason Tatum Trying To Recruit Damian Lillard To The Celtics @andscape pic.twitter.com/bLnKiH5He7

— Legion Hoops (@LegionHoops) 4 July 2023

And in this matter, the Celtics can rely on their leader Jason Tatum to have more luck. Lillard’s teammates with Team USA, the All-Star winger will play the role of luxury sales rep to convince the Watch player to open the door to the finale in Massachusetts. At least Mark J. That’s what Spears heard endscape,

“I heard Jason Tatum was busy finding a way to bring Lillard to Boston”

-Mark J. Spears

Lillard in Boston, will send this heavy but who will do the opposite? Kristaps Porzingis can’t be traded, Jason Tatum is clearly untouchable and Jaylen Brown seems closer to extension than T-Time departure. Stevens may try a package with Malcolm Brogdon, Derrick White and several draft rounds but will it be enough for the Blazers? Not sure And even if they say yes, Boston can already record and prepare for the wage bill. The Tatum-Lillard-Brown-Porzingis quartet is worth $140 million next season and that number will only increase with the upcoming overtime Jay Brothers. If Boston wants to afford this Big 4, it needs to be ready to checkout. Unless, of course, the franchise is willing to waive Jaylen Brown out of business…

Text Source: Endscape/Bleacher Report

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