Jason Whitlock hits out at ‘clown’ Megan Rapinoe after she was seen ‘carrying out her entrance music’, singing and wearing reflective sunglasses ahead of her final USWNT game: ‘We’re normalizing self-idolatry Are’

By Jake Nisse for DailyMail.com

17:48 26 September 2023, updated 18:27 26 September 2023

  • Megan Rapinoe made her final appearance for the USA over the weekend
  • And he entered the stadium with the Nipsey Hussle song he quoted earlier
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Megan Rapinoe bid farewell to the USWNT on Sunday and kept her fiery style to the end — much to the chagrin of some people.

Rapinoe captained the Americans in a 2–0 friendly win. South Africa in Chicago to conclude a highly decorated international career.

And the 38-year-old was seen heading to the match wearing bright reflective sunglasses and a speaker playing his pregame music of choice.

While Rapinoe was cheered by the home crowd in Chicago, Jason Whitlock found the pregame performance overly indulgent.

‘We have normalized self-idolatry,’ he said. ‘this is swag! She is carrying her own entrance music. This is clownish behaviour.

Megan Rapinoe arrives at the stadium before the match against South Africa at Soldier Field

Jason Whitlock has criticized Rapinoe and the USWNT on air before

Whitlock previously praised Rapinoe and the USWNT during last summer’s World Cup, as she called her the ‘Andrew Tate of LGBTQ feminism.’

He wrote in a tweet, ‘In the history of sports, no team has needed more respect than our women’s football team.’ ‘It is not patriotic to speak out against this American nightmare. They have to establish roots.

He said on Rapinoe, he believes she is a threat to the establishment. She’s popular, she’s wealthy beyond her imagination, sexually free and adored by her followers.

‘He is a fraud. She hates America because she hates herself. She is poisonous. His attitude permeates the national team. At 38 years old, he is on the roster to further his brand.

Rapinoe strikes her signature pose for the last time at Soldier Field in Chicago as USA wins 2-0

In Sunday’s Rapinoe clip, she can be heard playing the late Nipsey Hussle’s song ‘Hustle and Motivate’, a song she previously quoted after winning the 2019 World Cup.

She played the same role during the video captured on Sunday, saying, ‘Actually the journey has not been on credit, I have just paid off all my dues. I just respected the game, now my name is in all the news.

Rapinoe – along with her other teammates – has come under criticism for not singing the national anthem.

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