Javier Bardem and the first kiss (on set) with Penelope Cruz

Stronger than the link between Penelope Cruz and Pedro Almodovar, there is only the one between the Spanish actress and her husband Javier Bardemwho at the just-concluded Cannes Film Festival revealed some interesting anecdotes about his professional and private life alongside the “woman I love, respect, admire and celebrate every day” – to quote the words that the Spanish star spoke at the moment of receiving the award Goya for his role in The perfect garment. In the setting of the Côte d’Azur, the actor took part in an event open to the public in which he unleashed all the charm of him, but also his sympathy and his availability, talking about his debut in cinema and the fatal meeting with the future wife.

javier bardem first kiss penelope cruz

The passionate kiss between Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem at the Venice Film Festival.

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It all began when she accidentally decided to accompany her sister to an audition for The Ages of Lulu: “There they asked me to take off my shirt. I did it and they gave me the role. I started as a piece of meat and little by little I added brains,” said Bardem, who has always been appreciated for his stage presence. . “I’ve worked with the greatest directors, from Almodovar to Amenabar, from Coen to Inarritu, from Villeneuve to Schnabel, I’m a lucky bastard, I still don’t believe it, and every time I get a proposal, a script I take a deep breath and say thank you. I know well that in this job the career can go down and you are suddenly not called anymore “. With Penelope Cruz, “this is also an incredible fortune, don’t you think?” he continued the actor, addressing the audience in the room.

javier bardem first kiss penelope cruz

The couple had two children: Leo and Luna.


Javier and Penelope actually met for the first time in 1992, she was 16, he was 20. The set was that of Ham ham by Bigas Luna and although nothing happened at the time, the chemistry between them was evident. For years their careers never met, until they did Woody Allen thought about reuniting them in 2008 on the set of Vicky Cristina Barcelona. “We were shooting Vicky Cristina BarcelonaI was surrounded by beautiful women: Scarlett Johannson, Rebecca Hall, Penelope Cruz with whom I had started in Ham Ham by Bigas Luna “explains Bardem excitedly.” During one scene I had to kiss her. Passion broke out it was a real kiss, long, but very long perhaps too long, because when we finished there was no one on the scene anymore, they wanted to leave us alone “.

javier bardem first kiss penelope cruz

The couple has always been very reserved, it was not by chance that they were immortalized hand in hand only in 2010.

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It was 2008. Two years later the two actors would have married in great secrecy, guests in Johnny Depp’s home in the Bahamas. Both jealous of their privacy, Javier and Penelope were first surprised by the hand-in-hand press in 2010, the following year their first child Leo was born, while in 2013 they gave birth to Luna. Everything else is history. Nevertheless there is something very special that remains of their first kiss on set, which was their first ever kiss as a couple: when the crew left there alone on the set, Woody Allen let the camera go without ever stopping it and although the scene was not then included in the film, the footage was the special gift that the director wanted to give to the couple on their wedding day .

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