Jean-Claude Van Damme, at Comic Con: one of the guests with the most expensive autographs

So, in Brussels, the standard entrance price is on average 20 euros, it’s free for children under 10 years old. Then, if you want to take a photo with one of the personalities present, you will pay between 50 € and 75 €, and if you rather want an autograph, it is indicated on the site that it will be paid directly in cash at the ‘guest!!

The more personal moments with Van Damme will be tough (ahem, sorry!) for the wallet. First of all, “the phenomenon” will only be present on Saturday November 4 and for a series dedications and limited photos. And our compatriot, in the sense of the formula – like business – sharp, is priced at 150 euros for the autograph, 200€ for the photo, 350€ for the autograph and the photoshoot combined, and 450€ for the VIP formula that is to say with a skip-the-line.

Afterwards, for comparison, when Robert Englund alias Freddy Krueger came to Brussels earlier in the year, the photo was 90 euros, the autograph 100 euros, the autograph with a quote and a doodle: 195 euros .

As for the reunion between Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd in New York last year, the entry ticket ranged from $59 to $139 and the packages, as often very categorized in the United States, were between 400 and 1000 $, depending on whether you paid for a pre-signed or live autograph, if you wanted a “simple” photo with the 2 actors or if there was the car of Back to the future in the decor etc.

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