Jean Dujardin, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez… totally talk-to-the-stars!

katy perry

A real blow to everything!

Here’s one that comes straight from the 1990s. Famous college class picture! To be honest, we didn’t really miss him and it’s incredible that Katy Perry never put him in the big closet of stupid. But after all, it’s just too old-fashioned to be the norm for our plucky young mom. And when you are so stylish and famous, you can wear just about anything till your fingertips.

Victoria Beckham

legs in the air

Do you never send messages in this situation? Vic can even do her nails with one leg above her head! We believe it must be good for blood circulation, apart from working the glutes and abs. Or, if not, maybe Victoria is just tired of being called too harsh…

Jean Dujardin

touch his ass!

We all have this funny gimmick that we hold well, but we clearly abuse it. For Jean Dujardin, it’s the camel. He has always worshiped the animal and placed it everywhere Brice of Nice To One boy one girl. But it’s true that he can claim to have made Matt Damon and George Clooney laugh with his famous grin… as well as millions of Americans who saw him do it on The Jimmy Fallon Show. While crossing the desert, he would carry them all on his back!

Marc Lavoine

he misses all the good times

They made us laugh a lot, Coach sound, To hold your glasses like Sherlock Holmes held his magnifying glass! It’s that Mark took his job as a coach for a real job as an investigator, working tirelessly to find all the clues that could lead him to the truth. Unfortunately for him, he never solved the final puzzle: how to win the trophy!

Harrison Ford


We know how he scolded his kids! When he is angry, our adventurer always shows the same finger and frowns. and since then star wars until his final roles. a way of hardening his character and giving him authority, as war games, However, it is still rude in our Western culture, as it is one of the gestures used by witches to cast spells. But it’s better than sticking out your middle finger. Isn’t it, La Zarra…

Miley Cyrus

living language


Provocation has been the singer and actress’ forte since her split from Disney, and she loves to shoot it whenever possible. Class side, not really, but hey, at least it’s everyone’s name!

Leonardo Dicaprio

Well toasted!

Whether it is red or white, whatever it is, it sees the mirror! Addicted to period films, Leo cuts to the costumes as well every time he extends his arm while making a toast. Of Titanic To Django Unchained And Gatsby the Magnificent, Thus the Hollywood heartthrob has made it his trademark and has taken advantage of this tick to launch his own brand of champagne. Of course, organic to make it more appealing.

Emmanuel Macron

He’s got his eye on the photographers!


The President of the Republic regularly winks left and right when it comes to politics, but in fact even when he is performing! In meetings or on official outings, Manu blinks all the time and some people criticize him for this frenzy which would be a bit familiar for his work. did you say attractive?

philip bass

Perfectly seated!


Between jumps, hitting poles and gaping gaps, Laurie’s X takes photographers to cloud nine in every appearance! Obviously, the protagonist of the series framework love the leg parts in the air…

Selena Gomez

stolen Kisses

©KCS Press

The former Disney child star is shining bright today Only murders in the building, But she may also star in “Only Kisses on the Red Carpet”! When she kisses the crowd and photographers with her eyes, she does the same with her lips and hands. Kiss, with him, at least, it always remains in the mouth what you want!

Caroline Margeridon

Queen of Hearts)

It is well known that the antique dealer was made famous by the show deal done, Aired on France 2, has a strong personality as well as a generosity and an infectious good mood! That’s why she has made it her distinctive sign and, wherever she is, on television or in the evenings, she likes to show that she wears her heart on her sleeve!

by Aurelie Descoing and Louise Monteil

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