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In cinema it certainly does not exist alone Hollywoodbut get on Californian hills always means – somehow – have made it. Jean Renoactor French born in Casablanca and origins Spanish, he succeeded starting right from Country of the Eiffel Tower and disengaging with difficulty from role of villain that its body size imposed on him. From the first direct films of our cousins, in fact, we have seen him appear in international productions such as Da Vinci’s code, Godzilla And Mission: Impossiblebut also in the Italian films of Benign And Carrisi. Here is a brief of his biography And all roles who interpreted.

Biography of the actor Jean Reno

Jean Renopseudonym for Juan Moreno y Herrera – Jiménezwas born in the then French Casablanca the July 30, 1948 from Spanish parents natives of the Andalusians Sanlúcar de Barrameda And Jerez de la Frontera and moved to Morocco to search Work and run away from dictatorship of Francisco Franco. There motherhowever, it goes out when the actor is teenagerwhile the father carries out the profession of linotypist.

Raised with acatholic educationin childhood he learns it Spanish from parents andArabic and the French living in the North African state. TO seventeen years old moves into France with family: here he studies in the Cours Simon School of Drama and, in the meantime, is enlisted in theFrench armya obligatory passage following the obtaining of the citizenship.

In the 1977 wife Geneviève and from their marriage they are born Sandra And Mickael. In the 1988however, the two divorce and Reno convene a wedding a second time in 1995 together with Polish model Nathalie Dyszkiewiczfrom which he has others two sons (Serena And Tom), but they too do separate in the 2001. The 2006 it is the year of his third marriage with the model And actress Zofia Borucka: the witness is Nicolas Sarkozy and from their union two more children were born (Sky And Dean). Currently, the actor is divided between his own three houses: one a Parisone a Los Angeles and the third in Malaysia.

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All films by Jean Reno

The choice of simplify your name was born at the beginning of his film career when, given the tonnage (the actor is almost tall 190 cm), only the you start off as bad. His debut is in Francewhere he appears in numerous films directed by Luc Bessonsuch as Le Dernier Combat of the 1983before being able to get parts in romantic comedies And dramatic films different from the evil antagonists.

Always under the direction of Besson i arrive three first courses greatest hits between the late eighties and early nineties: in that period, in fact, it is Enzo Molinari in the biographical Le Grand Bleu of the 1988 And Victor the eliminator in the thriller noir Nikita. In the 1994then, he stars in the film that takes him to the international limelight: he is the protagonist from Léon alongside an almost newcomer Natalie Portman.

American productions

The feedback of the last three jobs puts Jean Reno on a flight to Los Angeles and, ad Hollywood, the actor begins to join the cast of some of the greatest productions. In the 1995 Lawrence Kasdan he wants it for the role ofInspector Jean-Paul Cardon in French Kiss with Meg Ryan And Kevin Kline; the following year he is at the side of Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible. The 1998 sees him engaged in two jobs: on the one hand, it is with Robert De Niro in Ronin, action movie set in France and directed by John Frankenheimer; on the other, he is on the set of science fiction Godzilla in the guise of Philippe Roache. Precisely for this second job he is forced to renounce to the part of Smith in Matrixa character later played by Hugo Weaving.

The fame overseas, however, does not make Jean Reno forget his own origins: in fact, alongside the most important roles, he adds appearances in French films such as Visitors, The rivers of purple And Wasabi.

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The other important roles of the 2000s and Italian films

In the 2006 Reno’s success does not seem to stop and Shawn Levy he wants it for the reboot de The Pink Panther next to Beyoncé, Steve Martin And Kevin Kline. In the film, the actor plays Gilbert Pontonhelper ofinspector Jacques Clouseau. In that same year he also participated in the worldwide success Da Vinci’s code taken from novel by Dan Brown: on this occasion, Reno plays the role of Bezu Fache and acts under the direction of Ron Howard next to names like Tom Hanks And Ian McKellen.

In addition to having seen it in the sequel de The Pink Panther and in jobs like The Promise, Alex Cross – The Killer’s Memory And Waiting for AnyaJean Reno also participates in some Italian films: it is indeed Fuad in the film by Roberto Benigni The tiger and the snow and the Dr. Florez in The girl in the fog from Donato Carrisi. Also, she dubbed Mufasa in the French version of The Lion King And Jacques Blanccharacter of the video game Onimusha 3.

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