Jeff Bezos was laughed at at the Baby2Baby charity gala

Jeff Bezos is a billionaire and one of the richest people in the world. Recently, the director of the “Amazon” company was loud due to the case divorceand also participate in climate summiton which he flew in his own plane! Recently, the 57-year-old with his new love, presenter Lauren Sanchez appeared on gala charity Baby2Baby. Unfortunately, at this event, he was not warmly received …

Baby2Baby is an organization that aims to provide poor children with access to diapers, clothes and basic hygiene products necessary for everyday functioning. The Foundation recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, and a galaxy of stars appeared at the event organized on this occasion. Celebrities who are involved in the operation of the association eagerly posed for photos, and among the invited guests were: Jennifer Garner, Hilary Duff, Kate Hudson, Jeff Bezos.

Now the details of the gala have come to light. Portal “Page Six” reports that the rich man waited a long time to support fundraising for children in need. In the end, the multi-billionaire decided to donate. Kowta, which he paid, surprised other participants of the event.

Even though the amount deposited is impressive, there are others The gala guests were disappointed that Jeff had paid a small amount for his earnings. The man reportedly earns over $ 142,000 a minute. It’s easy to deduce that he donated less to charity than what he earns in five minutes …

Unfortunately, it’s hard to please everyone …

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