Jencarlos Canela and Yotuel talk about a theme dedicated to Cuba

Miami.- Gencarlos Canela And I you he they have a common dream to see cuba Freed from the dictatorial regime that oppressed him for 64 years. That is why today they are joining forces to send a powerful message of hope and unity to those who fight for the freedom and basic human rights taken away from the people of the island.

“Cubans do not know how to dream, and that is why we must tell them from the land of freedom that a better Cuba can be built. The dictatorship took away everything from us, even our sense of belonging, so we Cuba doesn’t seem to belong to us. That’s why so many times we see our cities and environment being destroyed, falling apart, and we realize that Cuba doesn’t care because deep down it feels it’s theirs. home, that it is not his, that Cuba is not his. But when Cuba is free it will change, and that is the dream of all of us,” during a press conference held in Miami to present the issue Yotuel said.

“I was born and raised in the United States, however, I feel a responsibility to foster a platform in which I can express the reality of my people. We all—Cubans and non-Cubans—have There is a way to contribute to the cause of freedom. All you have to do is be a human being and do a little research to feel sympathy for the people of Cuba and other countries under dictatorial rule, so it’s up to all of us to contribute to the cause. called,” Gencarlos Canela said.

about sleep

The song, produced by Maffeo, features award-winning Cuban trumpeter Arturo Sandoval, and aims to empower and inspire people to hold on to their dreams and stop fighting for a better future. “It’s a reminder that dreams can cross borders, and it doesn’t matter where you come from, what color your skin is, or what your religion is, you have the right to dream.”

“I have seen many films about the Holocaust, but I have seen very few about the drama that the Cuban people are experiencing. May I mention planted And planted, Movies made by Cubans, but I think Hollywood should be encouraged to make feature films with American stars that talk about the tragedy of our people. The tapes, for example, talk about the murder of Osvaldo Paya, the father of Rosa Maria Paya. This would be a great movie to understand how cruel and evil the communist regime of Cuba is ‘Dream’A song whose video clip was directed by Ányelo Troya and filmed by the sea, symbolizing the journey to freedom that many Cubans undertake.

Without a doubt, an audiovisual work that captures the essence of the song and a journey of hope and resilience guided by the power of dreams, and that celebrates the human spirit and the power of music to unite people Is. On the other hand, the single’s artwork features a lotus flower, depicting overcoming adversity and rebirth, signifying hope for the Cuban people.

“After the recent uprising in Cuba, Dream serves as a continuation of the unified anthem motherland and life”, the originators of the topic concluded.

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