Did you think that nothing can surprise you in the world of show business and beauty? We have another news for you! Kylie Jenner revealed that her three-year-old daughter Stormi … is working on her own brand. For now, the little girl is practicing accompanying her mother at work, but, as Kylie herself says, the girl is working on her brand. Is she the youngest businesswoman in the world?

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The youngest businesswoman in the world

Kylie Jenner in one of the episodes of the series “Inside Kylie Cosmetics” confessed that her daughter Stormi may soon successfully open her own brand. In the episode, we can see that the little girl in Kylie Cosmetics’ office has her own position – a pink and white table that is her own little command center. It is with him that he plans his secret brand, which the proud mother mentioned. Apparently, work on it has been going on for a long time. Kylie even made sure to register a trademark for the baby girl’s name. You can already hear the first assumptions that it may be a brand of cosmetics dedicated to children. They will be safe for the youngest users. How do you like the idea for the brand?

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Stormi is not new to the business?

Back in early 2020, Kylie asked Stormi to help her work on the beauty line. What was the little girl’s contribution to creating the collection? The star revealed that her daughter chose colors and a butterfly theme. The eyeshadow palette in cooperation with Stormi turned out to be a great hit, which the fans of the brand liked very much. Do you know this product? Or maybe you have it in your cosmetic collection? It seems that Kylie Jenner’s daughter is facing real challenges, and we can safely say that she is the youngest businesswoman in the world!