Jennette McCurdy admits to being jealous of Ariana Grande on ‘Sam & Cat’ and exposes secrets

“Within a week, I was told that Ariana would not appear, and that they would justify her absence with an episode in which her character would be trapped in a box. Are you. Kidding me?” writes Jennette. “So, do I need to turn down movie roles while Ariana is doing a falsetto at the Billboard Music Awards? What. If. F***. That.”

According to the author, at the time, people praised her for being so understanding. But these days, she regrets it: “If I hadn’t been so understanding I wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. f***ing set and with that f***ing hair style. Maybe my life would be entirely different now. I fantasize about a different life. But it’s no different. (…) Ariana lacks work to get through her music career and I act opposite a box. I’m pissed off about it. And I’m pissed off about her. I’m jealous of her.”

“I didn’t like her”, confesses Jennette

In the book, Jennette goes into detail about her jealousy of Ariana, further blaming the fact that the owner of the “Positions” album was raised by a privileged family, while her childhood had been much more troubled. The former actress also mentions that, initially, she would have her solo show on Nickelodeon, but the network’s investment in Ariana made her share the spotlight in a series that, in her opinion, was not as good as.

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