Jennifer Aniston against social media: “Today we become famous thanks to TikTok”

In the time of social media is it possible to gossip about social media? It would seem not, even if your name is Jennifer Aniston. The actress has in fact been heavily criticized on the Internet for saying that some characters like Paris Hilton are “Who became famous basically for not doing anything”.

It all started with the “Actor to Actor” interview on the website of Variety: Jennifer Aniston and Sebastian Stan, actor of the series Pam & Tommythey were talking about the sex tape that featured protagonists Tommy Leethen drummer of Mötley Crüe, e Pamela Andersonstar of Baywatch. It was an amateur video that ended up on the Internet, as later also happened to Paris Hilton. Those were the same years he was shooting Friends and Jennifer Aniston thought she could have her say about that period: “It was precisely then that the Internet paved the way for a new way to become famous. Some have become well-known personalities practically doing nothing. I think about Paris Hilton, those like that. “

Aniston in her reasoning with Sebastian Stan identified a fundamental change in the 1990s: «I have always felt lucky to have started working in this world before it became as it is. Now there are so many media, so many characters. You become famous thanks to TikTok, You Tube, Instagram. Everything has diminished the profession of actor“.

Jennifer Aniston is convinced that things were better before the advent of social media as well interpersonal relationships. As she spun Friends “Notoriety came suddenly” and could have overwhelmed her and her fellow adventurers. Instead the cast was very close, there was friendship between them and yes they supported each other: «We talked to each other. It was before the advent of social networks and so we could keep some sanity“. He does not deny that he is nostalgic for the old days: “If today you see a table with four people having lunch together, you will notice that at least three of them are looking at the mobile phone screen, simply scrolling through the pages of social networks without thinking about anything“.

If much of Jennifer Aniston’s reasoning has received the appreciation of Internet users, it has not been so for the references to the ease with which social media allow to obtain notoriety even in the absence of artistic aptitudes. In particular, some have pointed out that the actress’s parents, John Aniston and Nancy Dow, are themselves actors and this has certainly favored his careerputting her in contact with the right people and the most suitable environment.

So Jennifer Aniston ended up at the center of the controversy and, ironically, her name bounces more than ever. on controversial social media.

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