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How much we dreamed of a Bennifer come back and… we almost hoped for it that night at the 2020 SAG Awards, when Brad Pitt he had tried to stop Jennifer Aniston gently grabbing her arm and she hadn’t let herself be touched by the gesture. The sign of revenge perhaps, representing all the women left with a broken heart and who, despite the suffering, today are lionesses.

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1998. America’s sweetheart and Hollywood sex symbol become the Golden Couple

Their love story began in the days of Friends, when she was America’s sweetheart, the sweet and wild Rachel that we all loved and wanted to imitate, from the moves to the haircut and him, the God of the sun, the beautiful among the beautiful. Brad Pitt had recently broken his heart a Gwyneth Paltrowwhen pushed by his agent he goes out in an arranged meeting with Jennifer. It was the 1998. The following year, on the threshold of the new millennium, they appear along with the Emmy Awards to formalize their union at a Sting concert a couple of months later. Though not all that glitters is gold the story between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston it started with a double layer of glossy patina. Brad and Jen were the cover coupleproof that fairytale love existed really, a love that made millions of fans dream and that still todayi, although society revolves around different awareness, continues to make us dream and hope.

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Pitt and Aniston. A $ 1 million wedding in Malibu

It was July 29, 2000, under the Los Angeles sky overlooking the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean, in the bay most loved by Californian VIPs, Malibu, when the Bennifer they are married. They were both beautiful, famous, very rich and, that day, they embodied perfect love within a fairytale eventshe packed inside a dress by Lawrence Steele. Lisa (the bewildered Phoebe whose marriage was postponed for a week), David, Courtney, Matt and Matthew, her friends from Friends attended the event of the year, along with two hundred other guests. There were Madonna, Bruce WillisSting and even Nancy, Aniston’s mother with whom the actress had not spoken for years. Guests dined on a Hawaiian terrace decked out with orchids and white roses on each table: lobsters, caviar, $ 200 a bottle Cristal champagne. With the arrival of the evening, lighting that cost just under half a billion made the whole area around the villa shine a rainbow of colors to triumph in a sparkle of fireworks under the notes of Radiohead and the Gipsy Kingswhich made the guests dance until late at night.

pitt and aniston a $ 1 million wedding to malibu

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The Mr and Mrs Smith set. That love at first sight with Angelina that went straight into Jen’s heart, shattering it

But, in 2004, everything breaks down. Like a boomerang, the love at first sight tripped between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the set of the action movie Mr and Mrs Smith in 2005 it bounces off Jennifer like a huge block of rock that literally broke her heart … and all of us too. Come on Brennifer to Brangelina it was really a moment, predictable perhaps, but unexpected, that not only extinguished the bright smile of sweet Jen, but also the enthusiasm of the fans. Angelina arrived suddenly and while we were standing there in the room watching her dance a seductive tango with Mr Smith, we didn’t know that in the meantime a tsunami was about to hit Jennifer Aniston. Thus, in January 2005, the separation arrives: “I was stabbed in the hearthad told the actress some time ago, returning with the memory to moment when Brad left her, after the betrayal with Jolie.

“When I heard the news, I cried and shook my head for several minutes. I was too hurt to give an answer. I chose to believe my ex-husband, I didn’t want to believe all the gossip I read about their relationship. But I also felt anger, pain and embarrassment. After all, I was married to Brad Pitt and our bond was very sincere. “

In October 2005, after the divorce was formalized, Pitt joined the Jolie family which, in addition to Angelina, also hosted the adopted children her, Chivan Maddox And Zahara Marley.

When I first saw them together with Maddox I succumbed to my emotions. I am not a robot. At that moment I didn’t feel like a complete womana, ”confesses Jennifer.

Jennifer tells Oprah Winfrey: “we weren’t the Golden Couple everyone believed”

Brad and Jennifer, that day, appeared as the statuettes on the wedding cake, these are the words of Oprah during the interview with Jennifer in her living room. a couple of years ago. The world sealed them in the perfect couple who lived the perfect dream of a perfect love. We all believed in idyllic love and Brad and Jennifer, at the turn of the century, represented just that. When the spell was broken and the magic of romance was gone, Jen’s heart was shattered, but so was the fans. “You and Brad were like the statuette on the wedding cakethe perfect spouses», The presenter repeated to her,« so the world was obsessed with your marriage and your divorce. Accepting your “failure” means admitting that the perfect marriage does not exist. And this is impossible“. But Aniston’s response clears up once and for all the chaos raised by the rumors between the pages of gossip magazines: “We were certainly not the golden couple that the press drew. And that was precisely the problem. The media do nothing but create fake, fictitious images. They also did it with us and our marriage. They show what happens on the red carpet, not what people experience every day of their lives.

The Brangelina squadron and Aniston’s new loves

However life goes on for everyone and While Brad and Angelina were busy forming their family squadron with the arrival of Shiloh Nouvel in 2006, the adoption of Pax Thien in 2007 and the birth of twins Knox and Vivienne in 2008, Aniston tried to sneak up on the intertwined threads of a story now over. Such as? Between 2005 and 2006 Jennifer Aniston dates Vince Vaughn known on the set of the comedy I hate you, I leave you, you … over due to the relentless insistence of the paparazzi. All is well that ends well; today Aniston and Vaughn are colleagues and very good friends. And then he arrives John Mayer in Jennifer’s life, met at the Oscar night party in 2008. Spark and passion went off immediately, but the fuse was consumed too quickly, as the two broke off the relationship after just over a year. And then in 2011 Aniston met the actor Justin Theroux. A sigh of relief for the sweet Jennifer, who seems to have found a noteworthy love again. And while one love is marrying, another marriage is crumbling. It is 2015 when Aniston marries Theroux and 2016 when the Brangelina say enough is enough, followed shortly after by the newlyweds Jen and Justin. The enthusiasm that had just started died out only after three years for them too, it seems, due to the too many work commitments of both. In any case Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux today they are great friends.

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But fate always finds its way. That sweet moment at the SAG Awards that’s all

Time is a gentleman and destiny always finds its way to fix things. Although it is a beautiful friendship between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston today, it was great to review again there complicity between Brad and Jennifer, a much more aware and mature complicity, but for this very beautiful, even if it is friendship, it seems, it is. They were the 2020 SAG Awards when the two were paparazzi behind the scenes, smiling like we haven’t seen them for years. Even the photographer who captured the most talked about moment of the month, Emma McIntyre, explained to Elle: “Brad Pitt yelled at his ex Aniston, to make sure he got her attention. She turned around, her white Christian Dior dress without a single crease. The two hugged, both smiled. It all happened so quickly but I had the camera on my face the whole time. You can see their reactions in the photos, which show them celebrating, proud of themselves and the other person. They seemed really happy for each other“.

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