Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer started dating? Secret Dating

The thread of Ross and Rachel’s relationship from the very beginning electrified fans of “Friends”. The turbulent relationship of the two characters, who, despite their feelings, could not get along and broke up many times, only to come back together after some time, divided the viewers. While some cheered them on, others pointed out that the relationship was simply toxic, and with such a large mismatch of characters, in the real world such a relationship would have no chance of surviving.

“Friends”. Chemistry not only on the screen

It has recently become apparent that it is visible at first glance the chemistry between Rachel and Ross reflected the mutual fascination of the actors portraying them on the screen. In a special episode of the series aired at the end of May, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer revealed that they also felt mint for each other in private. “I was in love with Jen at the time” – confessed directly serial Ross. “It was definitely mutual,” replied Rachel, who played the role.

Fans of “Friends” will surely be pleased with the latest reports on the private relationship of the stars of the series. As a person from the duo’s acting circle revealed in an interview with the British magazine “Closer”, the feeling that arose years ago on the production set has now revived.

They texted each other right after recording the special, and a month ago, David flew to Los Angeles to see Jen. They spent a lot of time together. They ate dinners together, talked a lot. They also went to one of the favorite Jen vineyards in Santa Barbara together, “revealed a friend of the couple, who wished to remain anonymous.

While actors’ spokesmen on Tuesday evening denied these revelations, fans will likely continue to theorize about their alleged romance – especially since both Aniston and Schwimmer have been officially singles for several years. The 2018 Golden Globe winner divorced actor Justin Theroux, and Schwimmer had separated from his wife, British artist Zoe Buckman, a year earlier.

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